How I IMMEDIATELY Failed 90 Days Sober, Then Realized How Important It Was

How I IMMEDIATELY Failed 90 Days Sober, Then Realized How Important It Was

I’m pissed.

REALLY pissed.

I’m a few days into being 100% sober.

Not saying I’m going to be sober for LIFE or anything but…here’s the deal:

I haven’t been 90 days 100% sober since middle school ended.

Was totally sober all through middle school and the summer before high school I had my first drink (can you guess what it was?) and smoked my first doobie.

Now look…I’m not a big drinker…got that out of the way in college.

Occasional glass of red wine? Sure, sounds good.

Occasional weekend where I drink a BOTTLE of red wine?

Not the WORST thing in the world…

But weed?

I LOVE weed!

I smoke weed from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep.

Everything I’ve ever created that you like…I’ve created stoned pretty much.

So…what’s the problem with it?

Maybe there IS no problem with it BUT…

…I haven’t run “THE SPLIT TEST”.

I’m OBSESSED with testing.

You can’t improve what you don’t track.

So literally for years and years and years…

I’ve never run the TEST of being sober.

Kind of crazy if you think about it…

I run a LOT of tests in my life.

Anyway, I remember in middle school BEFORE I started getting into this stuff…

THAT was when I had the most confidence I’ve ever had in my life.

Might sound kind of weird…most confident in MIDDLE SCHOOL?

Damn straight. And I was 100% sober doing it.

I did whatever the fuck I wanted.

I had ZERO fears of “getting in trouble”.

I dated all the hottest chicks in the school.

Shit, I’d roll into classes when they were halfway through and bring girls in that weren’t even IN that class and just sit down and argue with the teachers when they had anything to say about it and I’D WIN THE ARGUMENT!!!

I knew I was a PIMP.

Not like…a LITERAL pimp…but you know what I mean haha

This was BEFORE I was even an entrepreneur.

And to be honest…my confidence has only gone downhill since then.

I mean don’t get me wrong…I’m confident…but I’m not AS confident.

Not even close.

That was like a COMPLETELY different version of myself.

But you know what?

It was JUST ME!


The RAWEST version of myself.

Nothing added on top of it.

And for years and years and years…

I haven’t experienced that version of myself.

I’m only a few days into sobriety but the rage that’s building inside of me SHOWING ME how small I’ve been playing is something that would have been VERY beneficial to me a long time ago.

My anger is working as FUEL to show me how small I’ve been playing.

Where previously I would have just said anger is a BAD thing…

Now I’m not judging it and I’m allowing it to show me what I’ve been missing in a BIG way.

Weed is one of MANY devices in our lives that can make “Everything Seem Okay.”

What I’d ask of YOU is to IDENTIFY those devices in your life and spend some time WITHOUT them.

Spend some time with just YOU, your RAWEST form, and see how powerful you REALLY are.

When that pain comes up, SIT WITH IT and FEEL IT and then let it bend an ACTION PLAN into place for you, vs. just ignoring it completely by numbing it out with something that does that, whether that’s weed, TV, social media, WHATEVER.

You deserve to spend some time with YOU.

JUST you.

The RAWEST and REALEST version of you.

And although I’m a bit pissy right now…

I am already excited about fully embracing this version of me because we have been fighting a war against each other for a VERY long time, and I’m excited to finally make peace.

BIG MOVES come from that kind of peace.

But you have to open up your vulnerable side to get there.

I wish you the best my friend and I hope you accomplish ALL you set out to do.

Don’t be afraid to strip everything away that isn’t the RAWEST version of yourself, even if you’re going through the most INTENSE shit of your life right now, because the REAL power is in THAT version of you, not the version you numb out when the pains and problems appear on the table in front of you.

Look those pains in the eye and then pull them close as you sink the dagger into their heart and SMILE.

Don’t hide from them or they’ll only get worse.

My friend, I’ll keep you updated on my journey.

And for all those who supported me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m doing something very vulnerable I haven’t done EVER really and the support means the world to me.

Let’s fucking get this.

From Beta To Boss In T-Minus 3 Weeks (Thanks To This Secret)

From Beta To Boss In T-Minus 3 Weeks (Thanks To This Secret)



I started January fired up…but only for business. And so I spent the month doing LITERALLY 18-20 hour days at the desk with a $100-$200 a day GrubHub spend.
I had a HUGE pot belly. It was getting harder to breathe when walking and stuff. Man titties were starting to come in (come on, we know that’s the scariest one!!!) More chins than Chinatown started making their way into the picture.
Not ONE of these lines on my body was even REMOTELY close to showing and I had ZERO HINT of any definition.
But “Fuck Health!” because…
“I’m in launch mode.”
“I’m building something BIG.”
“I’m building something that will CHANGE LIVES!”
“I’m going to be doing $100K a month with this in a BLINK!”
“I just need to CONDENSE TIME and get this done!!!”
I sat in front of a screen and sucked down sugary coffee drinks while eating processed fucking sandwiches and smoking a dozen joints to the face during the day to “make it okay”.
“I’ll just rebalance the health LATER!”
“I’ll get back into it AFTER I launch.”
The lies we tell ourselves, right?
MEANWHILE…my friends…my fucking BROTHERS…
“Ben, want to come to Whole Foods with us?”
“Ben, stop cracking your neck. Come to the chiro with us.”
“Ben, let’s hit the gym man! We’re about to go!!!”
I fucking snapped.
I SNAPPED when I realized how far on the wrong side of the fence I was.
I signed up for the gym and started going more days of the week than I wasn’t going.
I signed up for the chiro and started going weekly and it’s already helped YEARS worth of neck pain.
I started going to Whole Foods and taking the time to INVEST in my body instead of just ordering low-quality food online.
I started hitting the run and fast incline walks at the ends of my workouts to burn of excess fat.
I started hitting the Saunas and Steam Rooms at the gym after the workouts to detoxify my body and cool down.
I started learning about what kinds of supplements and hacks I could add onto an already healthy routine to amplify it.
I’m not shred-city with an 8-pack (YET) but fuck, three weeks ago I had ZERO lines on my body, just flab and fat and a belly that was poking out trying to touch the mirror.
I’ve made such big progress in such a short amount of time.
And look, I’ve gained weight, lost weight, repeated that loop before. But I’ve never been as on-fucking-fire as I am right now.
And you know WHY?
Because of the TRIBE!
Because my BROTHERS who I would literally real-life-kill-someone to protect PUSHED ME and DIDN’T STOP PUSHING ME even when I fought and fought and fought.
They saw me having the $1,000 days.
They saw me hitting new levels in business.
And they would congratulate me for it…
…and then REMIND ME of what I’d SACRIFICED (that I didn’t NEED to sacrifice, KEY POINT) to get there.
And I snapped.
I’ve lost 11 pounds of beta-fuckboy-fat in these past 3 weeks.
I’ve been eating clean.
My confidence levels are out of control like they’ve NEVER been even when I’ve had my biggest business days ever.
It’s allowed me to open myself up to a 90 Day 100% Sobriety Split Test which I NEVER thought I’d be able to do (haven’t been 90 days sober EVER since end of middle school).
I said earlier I’ll be making $100,000+ per month by my birthday on July 10, 2018.
It was a promise I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill had I not made these changes in my lifestyle…
…and those changes in my lifestyle would have NEVER happened if it wasn’t for my BROTHERS pushing me and pushing me towards the REAL version of me that has it all…
…not some fake beta version who can kill it in business and sacrifices all other areas of life to get there.
You owe it to YOU to be in the best shape you can be.
And you owe it to the MARKETPLACE because you’re just straight up not going to deliver at the levels you COULD deliver at if you’re out of shape because you’re so go-go-go on the business that you don’t have time to pull your head out of the sand.
Tai said he used to know a guy who had BILLIONS of dollars but was so fat he couldn’t even get out of bed.
I was LITERALLY headed down that path.
Grateful to have BROTHERS in a TRIBE that are willing to call me on my shit and PUSH ME to do what needs to be done to be the best version of myself ever.
I’ve never been in a mental state like this before and all this shit JUST started. Imagine where I am a year from now. It’s going to be fucking ridiculous.
Give yourself this gift my friend.
We live in a time where growing wealth AND health side by side is easier than ever if you don’t make up your own limitations in your mind.
The answer is a “BOTH” in this category.
Never make it one or the other.
You deserve better.
And you know it.
Why The Lazy Are Losing Money In Crypto-Ponzis

Why The Lazy Are Losing Money In Crypto-Ponzis

Why do so many people get “hurt” with “losing their money” in crypto-ponzis? At it’s core…laziness.
It’s because of “OF THANK GOD, I’VE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!” SYNDROME! AKA why learn skills and build stuff, I have the magic money multiplier right here folks lol
Leads to the stories of people “Who have NEVER succeeded in ANYTHING before but they’re finally succeeding in THIS and so happy!”
They’re “Done!” They can “Chill!” They “Figured It Out!” Woohoo!
Meanwhile, the players are searching searching searching every day, using all their resources to get ANY edge they can get, because they’re NEVER done.
People don’t wanna BUILD because it involves rolling up some sleeves and getting your hands down there in the EARTH.
The person who “never succeeded until Crypto-Cash Printer 3000” never succeeded in ANYTHING because:
1. They didn’t have the necessary skills
2. They didn’t build what needed to get built
3. They didn’t take the actions they needed to take
People think it’s big news that USI and BitConnect shut down. They were two of a BUNCH that are out there. And some of the ones that aren’t US-based have even CRAZIER claims.
People will continue to fall for these and get roped into them because of the promise of “the least amount of effort for the highest possible reward”.
It’s not a bad concept in itself, as it’s the very concept I use to build SYSTEMS that will make money for me LONG-TERM.
But the sweet spot is in developing your skills and growing the digital real estate portfolio.
Everyone at the top: TONS of skills (whether they admit it or not) and TONS of digital real estate in their portfolio.
The next “Opp” that promises you to grow your Xcoin by Xpercent by simply putting Xcoin in the thing…
No no no…
Go learn how to sell, follow up, close, get referrals, build funnels, run ads, do SEO, be good on video, build your own products, create compelling content, etc. etc. etc.
That stuff will ALWAYS be valuable.
It’ll ALWAYS reward you.
It’ll ALWAYS let you grow and grow and pull money out of literally thin air whenever you FEEL like it.
Put your trust into THAT.
Not into Magic Money Multiplier 3000.
Put your trust in YOU…
In YOUR skills…
And in what YOU will build…
That’s a harvest I wouldn’t mind showing up for 😉
Should You Run A Service Business Or A Product Business Starting Out?

Should You Run A Service Business Or A Product Business Starting Out?

I currently run a product business and have run many service businesses online in the past.

If you’re just getting into the game and you are wondering whether you should dive into a product business or a service business it’s key to know the pros and cons of each one.

(Please note, I’m talking primarily about online businesses that deliver digital products or digital services.)


  • Great way to develop skills and quickly turn those skills into money (like when I sold graphic design or SEO services to clients)
  • You can sell right out of the gate without building anything (send the invoice and deliver the service, no setup beforehand)
  • Easy way to get lots of referrals (when you deliver a service to someone, chances are there’s people around them who want it too)


  • Immense time investment if not setup correctly (if you’re in charge of sales AND in charge or fulfillment, you’ll be working all day)
  • Always hunting the next client (since you have no real assets built, if getting repeat clients for your service is hard you’ll need new ones)
  • Can be stressful “reporting” to people (if you have lots of clients, in a way you have a lot of bosses that you have responsibilities to)


  • Build the product once and sell it forever (nobody pays you to BUILD the product but once it’s built you have an asset you can resell infinitely)
  • More sales doesn’t mean more time invested (digital products can be delivered instantly whether it’s noon or 4 in the morning)
  • You can open it up to affiliates to sell for you (a one-time setup can open up the floodgates to affiliates that will sell your product FOR YOU)


  • Building a product is a TON of work (nobody pays you while you’re building the product, even though you can earn when it’s live)
  • You have to be better than the competition (chances are other people are building similar products in your space, so you have to one-up them)
  • There’s ALWAYS extra work that goes into it (in addition to building the product you’ll need to build a sales funnel to sell it)

I recently announced that I wasn’t taking on clients anymore in my business and that is so that I can devote my time to a product business, where I sell lines of digital products from the various companies I’m running in different spaces.

When I started out though, I was running service-based businesses almost exclusively.

It was the fastest way for me to come into a marketplace and monetize a skill that was in demand like graphic design or SEO (can be others too of course for you).

Personally, as I went through the years I would get better and better at getting new clients.

But what that left me with was a LOT of clients where I was doing all the fulfillment by myself in ADDITION to going out there and getting those sales in the first place.

Discovering that I loved building digital products helped push me in that direction as well.

It really depends on personal preference, don’t get me wrong.

Some people absolutely LOVE and THRIVE in client based businesses.

Some people prefer making digital products and selling those passively.

At the end of the day it comes down to really analyzing those options against your BIG vision of where you want your life and your business to go.

Do you like working with people 1-on-1 to help them solve their problems?

Or do you want to wake up with nobody to report to that day?

Do you like getting on Skype calls and coaching people through things?

Or do you want products to be sold with passive marketing campaigns you run?

Ask yourself these questions (and feel free to ask me any questions as well) while determining which one you want to start with, and know that you can always SWITCH LATER if you feel you’ve picked one you don’t resonate with or you can DO BOTH if you feel inclined to do that as well.

How To Run A Simple Business That Doesn’t Stress You Out

How To Run A Simple Business That Doesn’t Stress You Out

Business can be extremely SIMPLE or extremely COMPLICATED based on how you set it up.

One way to make business easier is to run an online business…

…but even THAT can get overcomplicated QUICK (if you let it).

For example, starting a physical brick and mortar business gets complicated INSTANTLY. You have to go far into debt for it, run through all the red tape that comes with a physical business and deal with everything that comes with a physical building.

Starting an online business can be much simpler.

You don’t need a building.

You don’t need to go into debt to start.

You can literally get started as long as you have wifi.

NOW…inside of the online business world we want to keep it SIMPLE.

Lots of people complicate it for the following reasons:


In an online business there are a lot of different components. There’s creating a product to sell, creating the sales funnel, building a list, emailing your leads, etc.

These are all things you should learn how to do EVENTUALLY but if you try to learn them all right out of the gate before you make money, it will take you forever to make your first dollar. The best solution is to leverage an internet business you can come into where 90% of the work is done for you and you just have to drive traffic to make sales.


If you really want to make money online, there are PLENTY of people who have figured it out before you. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

It will take FOREVER for you to get results if you’re just trying to figure out everything yourself. But if you make it a priority to lock onto a mentor QUICKLY you can learn from them and avoid all the mistakes they made and replicate their success much faster.


Like I said, there are a LOT of different skills needed to build a truly successful internet business. But these skills take TIME to develop and it’s best to develop them one at a time. If you try to master them all at once, you’ll master none.

Keep an eye on what the skills you need to learn ARE…but aim to master them one by one. By diving into a leveraged business system where the system is built for you and you just need to bring leads to the system, you get to focus on TRAFFIC and not have to try to master a thousand skills at once.

Avoid these 3 mistakes and you’ll be able to start a business online that is simple to run and is able to earn money for you passively. If you fall for these 3 mistakes, you might wind up with an internet business and it might even make money, but it will be stressful and you’ll never be able to truly grow.