Why You Need To Treat Your Business Like The Gold Mine That It Is

Why You Need To Treat Your Business Like The Gold Mine That It Is

Think of your online business as a gold mine.
It’s not too far off…stick with me…
Would you go mine for gold because “it sounds
like a good idea at the time?”
Do you mine for gold because it “feels right”?
You mine for gold because WHOA YOU JUST FOUND
This is where many mess up…
…with the whole “following your passions” thing.
Now don’t get me wrong…your passions are important.
But they’re not the ONLY factor at play.
You can’t just do something you’re passionate about and
hope that everything works out, hope that the money
handles itself and hope that the numbers will keep growing.
That’s just not the way it works.
That’s a surefire path AWAY from what you want.
So what can you do?
The key is to unleash your passion inside of an already
PROVEN SYSTEM that can help you make money while
Systems can set you free if you let them…
Systems like I just mentioned.
Systems like this one:
Maybe like me, you came into this online game to actually
be able to live the life you knew you deserved…
…not to end up working all day…
…trying to “figure it all out”…
…and slowly forgetting to spend time with the people you
love, doing the things you love to do every single day.
The truth?
You can live ANY life you want.
One full of abundance, prosperity and wealth…
…one where you get to wake up every morning with a smile
on your face knowing you can do WHATEVER you want to
do that day with no limits…
…with no boss you hate…
…with no early alarm clocks to punch…
…and with no commute & job that takes you away from your FAMILY.
You can have it all my friend.
And you can make your passions come ALIVE again, to step into
that naturally creative state you had as a child…
…that maybe you’ve held inside for FAR too long…
…that maybe you’ve held inside until this VERY INSTANT.
Unleash it my friend.
Unleash it with a system that supports it, that fuels it, that makes sure YOU can thrive while living life from that passionate place in your heart.
Systems like this one:
I’ll see you inside.
Remember, you can ONLY live your passion if you have systems up that actually handle the majority of the work for you so that the income is still flowing in without YOU having to attend to every little thing in the business.
Give yourself fuel, not chains.
And use a system that is PROVEN to help you break free and live life by design.
How To Get Multiple Streams Of Income Without Spreading Yourself Thin

How To Get Multiple Streams Of Income Without Spreading Yourself Thin

Releasing the need to “wear every hat” and “do 100% of the work in my business by MYSELF” has led to more productivity and peace of mind than almost anything else.
I was drawn to multiple income streams from the day I heard of it.
The only problem was that for YEARS after I believed that I had to do 100% of the work in each stream and invest an equal amount of my TIME into each stream.
And what happened was me just stringing along a bunch of “income streams” that really weren’t producing much income at all.
It was when I realized I needed to take ME out of the equation and grow those streams with something other than MY TIME that I actually began to get a few going that continue to grow.
Try to do all the work yourself in ALL your income streams and you won’t be able to stack them up to prosperity.
You’ll have a pile of “opportunities” that are costing you money every month.
So what’s the solution?
After a while I realized I needed to treat any new income stream as an investor would treat a new investment.
And to me that meant investing my MONEY into it instead of investing ALL MY TIME in it, and finding people I can TRUST to contribute to the growth of new income streams.
The trust part?
You need to be able to trust in the people you work with as PEOPLE, how your GUT feels about them, but you also need to be able to trust the fact that they’ve gotten RESULTS in the past.
It’s not JUST about “you feeling good about them” or not.
They need to have put up results again and again with a consistent record of growth.
When you can find these people, keep them close.
Partner with them.
Work with them.
Contribute to what they’re doing.
Take work off their plate and ask them questions and then RAPIDLY implement what they say to show them you’re a player, not just a spectator, to show that you’re a GIVER, not just a TAKER.
People like this can help you grow your money in automated ways and open up new income streams safely in ways where you’re not needing to go add ANOTHER few hours of work every day just because you added a new income stream.
People you trust + systems you trust + letting go of the need to do 100% of the work YOURSELF = Freedom, passive income, REAL multiple income streams that grow without your direct involvement.
It’s not a BAD thing to have multiple income streams.
But it can be a CATASTROPHIC event when you have multiple FOCUSES in a way that begins to wear you thin.
Less hats = less heaviness.


1. Make a list of your current income streams and be HONEST with yourself about whether they’re actually working or not. Are there some you don’t even feel congruent about? Cut those NOW.
2. Now that you’re looking at what’s left, figure out whether you’re mainly investing your TIME into these income streams or your MONEY. Anything that’s a PURE investment of your time where you’re spreading yourself thin needs to get SWITCHED immediately.
3. Start connecting with the influencers inside of the currently income stream you’re running, and I mean connect with the ones who are growing that stream mainly with MONEY & SYSTEMS vs. working a million hours a week. Get close to these people. Serve them. Ask them questions. IMPLEMENT.

Entrepreneurship: How It Set Me Free & Changed My Life Forever

Entrepreneurship: How It Set Me Free & Changed My Life Forever

I still remember waking up with a frown on my face, almost disappointed that there was another day that I had to “get through”. I didn’t know where I was going. And I felt like even if I knew, there was no way I was ever going to get there.

Ever felt that before? It’s brutal, totally drains you.

These were during the days before I went FULL TIME in the world of entrepreneurship, those days where I had the shitty job I was trying to get away from but the business was barely even PART time, let alone stable enough to support me.

I was always an entrepreneur though, don’t get me wrong, selling things since I was a little kid.


But I wasn’t always SUCCESSFUL as one, in more ways than financially.

I wasn’t always fulfilled. I wasn’t always this motivated. And I certainly wasn’t always experiencing this much upside.

Even now feeling like I’m on “the other side” of things, it’s still a challenge. The more a business grows and the more YOU grow, the more problems you’ll have. But they’re better QUALITY problems.

But they’re better QUALITY problems.


That’s the important part to pay attention to that so many ignore.

You see, here are some problems I had BEFORE I was able to support myself full time in the world of entrepreneurship, particularly through the world of running online businesses:

  • Had to get up earlier than I wanted because of my job
  • Had to waste time and gas money driving to and from a job
  • Had a job I didn’t enjoy that I didn’t have any passion for
  • Had a VERY low job paycheck only come once every two weeks
  • Had to be told when I could or couldn’t take breaks at work
  • Had to get treated like crap by employees that I couldn’t fire
  • Had to waste hours of my life doing something I didn’t love

My problems were all centered about not being FREE! This is very important to notice. Look at the problems in your life and find that central theme. If the central theme revolves around feeling restricted or not feeling free, having a successful business WILL help alleviate those problems over time.

Now here’s the key. PAY ATTENTION!!!

Most people want to “never have problems again” and “just fix everything”.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.00.35 PM

This is literally impossible. So don’t even think about it!

The goal should be to UPGRADE your problems. And if there is one group of people who are always experiencing better and better problems in their lives, it’s the entrepreneur.

Here are a few of the “problems” our team has experienced lately:

  • Accounts closing for making too much money too fast
  • Overwhelmed by which potential 8 figure project to kick off first
  • Too excited about all the different ways to make more money
  • Too many messages in our inboxes to even respond to daily
  • Scaling projects up to figure out how to turn $1 into $10 

Notice how I didn’t say “Entrepreneurship started working and now all of the sudden I don’t have any problems!”? Exactly. There will ALWAYS be “problems” but you just want better quality problems.

For example, can we agree that it’s better quality problem if you’re making SO MUCH money that now you have to find out a way to get clever with taxes? Vs. having the problem of never making enough money so you’re always worried about bills and how you’re going to make rent?

So…by now you’re probably wondering how it is that you can get away from all the little BS problems in your life and actually have some problems that MATTER…some fun problems…some “you know you’re playing big WHEN” problems.

How do we upgrade our problems?

It’s simple. We start by upgrading ourselves by upgrading the people we learn from.

It’s all about modeling. Find someone who has higher quality problems than you on a consistent basis and then work closely with them in business and soon you’ll have those problems too.

Imagine if I was trying to learn business from someone who’s regular problems are “the boss was mean this week” and “John from accounting is a real piece of shit!”

You’ll never get wealthy talking about “water cooler problems”. Those are the small ones that people talk about before they realize the true game that’s being played and their true power.

Once you’re around these people, getting mentored by them, implementing the advice they give you and WORKING WITH THEM then it’s only a matter of time before all your little BS problems seemingly fade away only to make room for big, new, exciting problems. And those are the ones you want.

Because when you figure out how to solve THOSE…you get to design an unbelievable lifestyle for yourself that many people only dream of. And on your way there you’ll be increasing the quality of your life so fast that you don’t even recognize what you were stressing about just a few short months ago.


  1. Make a list of all the current “problems” in your life. Are they big exciting problems? Or are they tiny little BS problems that seem to have been there for a very long time? Categorize them!
  2. Do a double-check of your current mentor and make sure that they’re having “problems” that make yours pale in comparison because of how big and intimidating they are.
  3. Click the banner below and register to how to inject the fun and profit back into your business since one of the tips revolves around upgrading your problems as rapidly as possible.