2 Simple Ways To Increase Your Income (And Earn More Money)

2 Simple Ways To Increase Your Income (And Earn More Money)

Two proven ways to increase your income.

So I’ll keep it very, very simple.

Two things that can dramatically raise your income are as follows, and there’s a lot of different things, right.

These are not the end all, be all.

These are just two things that have dramatically increased my income over the years, and two of the things that I’m always the quickest to recommend.

So those two things are a mentor and systems.

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Like I said, there’s like a billion things that I could list, but these two are so crucial.

One of the reasons why a mentor is such a good person in your life, to help increase your income, is because they already have an income higher than you.

They’re already doing it, right.

A lot of people completely ignore the mentor thing, and I’m talking about a mentor, if we’re talking about money, I’m talking about someone that makes millions, and millions, and millions of dollars, that you either paid for mentoring, or you traded them work for mentoring, or you’re partnered with them and getting mentoring through that, one of those deals, but someone that’s so far above your success level that you’re like, man, I could only dream of getting there one day, right, but I’m going to ride the coattails and take the action steps they tell me to take, and get those same results that they get.

A mentor can help fast track you, right.

They can help say, “Hey, you know what? That stuff that I did didn’t work, right. Don’t do that.”

And they can also say, “These things that I did, they worked very, very well. They fast tracked me, so go and do those things. Test those out. Those are the things that you’re going to want to do.”

They’re going to have a lot of tough love, right.

So when you think, you know, you fall in love with your marketing and your business, and you get attached, and you do a few things, and you think that that’s just going to be the end all, be all, and they show you, like, hey, we’re doing all these things, we have no emotion attached to any of them, and we’re just cutting through tests, to just get data, to see which one works the best, and scale that up, right.

There’s all these different things that a mentor can teach you and kind of inject into your brain like Matrix Neo getting, like, I know kung fu, that kind of deal, where you would just not have thought of them before.

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One of the biggest, biggest, biggest things about a mentor that I will say is it makes your gut instinct stronger.

A lot of people will always say, “Go with your gut, go with your gut,” and that’s good and bad, right.

It’s good to go with your gut because you know that your gut is usually always right.

It’s that little internal guidance system and all that good stuff.

The other thing is, your gut is going to be able to make calls based on life experience that you have.

So for me, at 26, in business, I’ve been in business since I was 15, so like 11 years under my belt, my gut is going to react a certain way to different … to one situation, where my mentor, reacting to that same situation, his gut could react much differently, right, because he has more experience on me.

So we might be looking at a deal or a project to go into together, me being partnered with one of my mentors, and I might, being young and naïve, see, okay, this will be a really, really good one, and my gut’s like, “You know what? Let’s check off the boxes. Okay, that looks pretty good.”

His gut has more boxes to check because he has more experience, he’s eaten more shit, he’s been in more bad deals, he’s had more successes and good deals.

All these different things add up for his gut to weigh a little bit differently on what he’s doing.

So if I’m like, “Hey, I want to increase my income,” my gut’s going to tell me one way to do that, or a few ways to do that, that I know based on my experience that I have right now, right.

I mean, you can get into the downloading of spiritual knowledge from the universe and all that stuff, that interacts with your gut and your intuition, all these good things, right.

But the same thing is, I’m just looking at basics.

A mentor, he could say, “No, we don’t go anywhere near this deal because of X, Y, and Z,” and it’d be something that I didn’t even see.

Or I’ll try to increase my income and I was just looking through this very limited box and my gut was like, “That’s awesome. That’s bigger than the box we were looking at before.”

But my mentor’s looking through this giant lens and he’s like, “You could just go this path instead and get what you want and make the money, and it’s actually going to be a lot easier this way.”

So that’s why mentors are one of the great ways to increase your income, that can really, really help you out.

Now another way, like I said is, first is mentors … and like I said, there’s a billion of them … but mentors and systems, right. So systems are really under-emphasized in the entrepreneurial community, for some strange reason.

All the people at the top have all these glamorous, amazing systems that are making them money all day.

Everybody at the bottom has built like .05% of one bad system and they’re like, “Where’s all the money?”

There’s this big mismatch, right.

Another thing that systems help out with is they automate things, right.

We can get really good at selling and making money by increasing our skills, and learning how to communicate, and sell, and follow up, and do all the stuff personally, blow up social media accounts, all this good stuff.

But at the end of the day, if that doesn’t develop into a system, you end up living by this one quote that I have up on my wall here, which I absolutely love.

It just says, “Leaders, if you’re too busy to build good systems, you’ll always be too busy.”

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So we learn about leadership, and selling, and communicating, and providing value, and we start to provide more, and more, and more of the stuff, and we build a following, and people like us, and we’re selling one-on-one, and then we get less objections, and then we start to get more dream clients, and we start to make more money, and we’re good.

But then there’s a point where now you have to show up for your business X amount of time every single day.

You always have to be there.

You can’t take a week off.

You’re like a celebrity figure, which is good and bad because you always have to be on in your business, right.

You can’t just disappear and have a business that runs automated without you, right.

One of the examples that you’ll see is people in network marketing companies who use their personal Facebook profile to recruit.

I did this for a long time, and I still make money with my personal Facebook profile, but it’s not end all, be all, like it used to be, because I learned about systems from mentors, ironically, and that helped me branch out besides just that.

Because I got damned good at selling on my personal Facebook profile, built up thousands of entrepreneurs.

People would message me, “Hey, Ben. Nice to meet you. I’d like to buy your thousand dollar course. Great to meet you,” on the first message and stuff.

Like, I got good at it, but then it capped me out, right.

It capped me out, where something like massive SEO, or massive paid advertising, or massive outsourcer scaling of free traffic campaigns to inject money into the advertisers and treat it as a paid traffic campaign, all of these things that are taking me to the next level now are things that I was overlooking, or I didn’t really have systems, because systems were not super important.

I was like, “You know what? I’m making good money with this network. Yeah, I have to show up every day and grind every day. I don’t necessarily want to do that, but I’m making good money. It’s worth it, right.”

So that’s kind of the way I was thinking, and so this way of thinking is, it’s the classic example of, like, what got you here won’t get you there. So it’s good for me to, from being like, you know, drug addict in college, working at Cold Stone Creamery and things like that, to go from that level of knowledge, to like, okay, I know how to make at least 100,000 bucks a year with my personal Facebook profile, just making posts on it and stuff like that.

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But that’s going to cap me out, pretty significantly, around that mark, if I don’t definitely increase my selling skills and communication skills, and bring in fresh blood, and all this good stuff.

But there’s other level after that, or it’s like the, you can disappear in the forest level, and that’s the level I love, where your business can just keep running for you and producing for you, regardless of you being there or not, right.

So if I’m killing it and I’m good at selling, and following up, and getting around the objections, and closing the sale in the Facebook Messenger on the personal profile, that’s awesome.

That’s totally cool, but I’m also talking to people, one-on-one, for every sale that I’m making.

I’m also fishing in a pool of 5,000 people, since Facebook, at the time of me shooting this video, maxes you out on 5,000 friends, right.

So there’s limitations to it, even though it can be cool, right.

Like my mentor Keala said, “There’s 24 hours in a day that I could market on Facebook, even if I somehow figured out how to market all 24 hours,” he’s like, “I can spend $24,000 on Facebook in a day and just go hang out on the beach, right.”

Again, this is like, these two things, they will come hand in hand.

You’ll usually find that when you find a solid mentor, they have way better systems than everybody else out there, and that’s why everybody else seeks them out.

So that’s really, really important to pay attention to.

Anyway, I didn’t want you to get lost in the world of, like, “I want to make more money, but I just feel capped and like I have this glass ceiling, and I don’t know what to do next.”

I totally get it, and those two things will really, really help you out.

When I talk about a mentor, like I said, I’m not talking about like you bought someone’s course, or you read someone’s book, or something like that.

I’m talking about, in business, you have a multi, multimillionaire that you’re friends with, that you have on your phone, on Skype, on Facebook, and you can just, “Hey, hey, hey,” all the time.

Obviously, you have some structure to it. If you’re partnered with that person it’s going to be probably less structure, more like in the field learning, which is really, really good, too.

Arguably even more valuable, in a way.

But, man, all of this stuff is so important.

Just those two things can help you dramatically increase your income.

So anyway, my friend, I hope that you found value in this video.

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Like I said, my friend, that was two ways to increase your income.

If you are interested, I’ll have a video that rolls at the end of this one.

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