How To Use The PAST As FUEL To Create A Vibrant Future

How To Use The PAST As FUEL To Create A Vibrant Future

You hear it all the time…
“The past doesn’t exist”
“Don’t even think about it”
“Only focus on the now…”
“…and the future! Yes, the future!”
If that’s WORKING for you then
by all means keep chugging along…
But if not, well…
Maybe it’s time to change something.
Something simple…
Something that doesn’t require
back-breaking work or a 500 day
seminar to make the actual change happen.
Perhaps something like…
A little daily gratitude?
I know you’ve heard of THAT one before too.
But in this case…let’s be SPECIFIC.
Gratitude about what you’ve created.
What you’ve ALREADY created.
Not what you’re creating NOW…
Not what you’ll create in the FUTURE…
But what you’ve created in the PAST!
See…here’s the deal…
There will ALWAYS be more to create.
And because of that sometimes we can
get a little (or a LOT) overwhelmed, right?
Running a race would be easier if you had
references in your brain that you’d won that
race before. Do you agree with me there?
If you’ve won 100 races, race 101 is just going
to be another race that you win…naturally.
You have GREAT THINGS that you’ve done in
your life EVEN IF you’re about to try to argue
with me on that one.
There are creations that YOU brought about…
People you’ve HELPED…
Projects you’ve FINISHED…
Which means you have a TRACK RECORD of
projects you’ve finished…that is if you take the
time to be conscious of what they were.
So…if the CURRENT project you’re working on
is going to help you level up…
…hit those new financial goals…
…get that time-freedom you’ve been seeking…
…build that business you’ve always wanted…
…but it seems like you have an OVERWHELMING
amount of work to do to get from A to B…
…THIS is where we remember the times in the
past where we HAVE gone from A to B.
And my friend…
…if you go deep on these…
…you have a LOT of them.
A LOT more than you would think.
I can’t tell you what yours are…
…but what I CAN tell you…is that if you regularly
think about your WINS, it gets easier to WIN.
LIVE in that state of winning…
…of COMPLETING what you started creating…
…and of unleashing that energy to the world.
And along the way…don’t forget your wins.
Because they’ll act as fuel for MORE wins.
Cheers my friend,
Benjamin Jacques
P.S. If you’re curious where I’m learning this
kind of good stuff from, I wanted to give you
a free PDF from my mentors that gets into the
much-needed MINDSET side of business.
How To Smoke Your Problems Like This Blunt & Start Playing Big Again

How To Smoke Your Problems Like This Blunt & Start Playing Big Again

Look…I get it. You have “problems”. We all do. But it’s when we give those “problems” POWER and see them as bigger than OURSELVES that they actually start negatively manifesting some not-so-cool shit in our lives.
The better way to deal with “problems”? Smoke em. Get rid of them fucking AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and then change your BELIEFS and your HABITUAL ROUTINES so that the “problem” never surfaces again.
I’ll tell you how to in a second.
But before that I’ll tell you what it’s costing you:
Ready for it?
The money you want to earn.
The trips you want to go on.
The bank balances you want to look at.
The relationships you want in your life.
The material possessions…
…and the intangible abundant energetic state that you can LIVE IN and CREATE FROM and LOVE FULLY FROM.
You don’t get ANY of that if you don’t figure out how to deal with your “problems”.
So…here’s how we deal with them!


The word “problem” has a RIDICULOUS amount of negative energy attached to it that rolls millennia deep.
Bad juju.
Call them projects instead.
Many great projects have been accomplished.
Whatever you have to do is the next one.



Get to the BELIEFS you have that are causing those “problems” to appear in your life, maybe appear all the fucking time even though you’ve tried to get them to go away in the past.
Eating shitty food every day doesn’t mean you have the wrong diet program.
It means you have the wrong BELIEF STRUCTURE.
Don’t believe that you CAN be fit, DESERVE to be lean, are WORTHY of creating massive MASSIVE WEALTH?
You’ve gotta fix that part right there first before you get into mechanics.


Every project has an end goal and a series of action steps you can take to make that end goal happen.
Take emotions off the table for a second…
…and zoom out to see what all those actions steps ARE, the POSITIVE side that they lead TO and then how you can start taking those action steps right NOW to move the project forward…
…and design a life greater than you ever thought possible 😉