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I Didn’t ALWAYS Know How To Make Money On Social Media Sites. I Actually HATED Social Media At First…

When I first joined them online, it was just a cool place to hang out and talk to your friends.

I remember the days where I pimped out my MySpace profile and thought it was the coolest thing in the world and then a friend told me everyone would be on Facebook.

I took ONE look at Facebook and was disgusted by how…PLAIN it looked compared to MySpace.

Seriously, it looked like a hospital wall, it was just like all white. No music playing. No snowfall effect. Just plain Jane.

I didn’t like it one bit…

how to get paid for social media posts

Now I Get Paid For My Social Media Posts. How Cool Is THAT?

And I’m COMPLETELY on the other side of the fence. I LOVE social media because instead of just getting distracted on it like everyone else, I’m actually able to make money on Facebook and other social networking sites with the posts I write.

Definitely beats grinding out waffle cones and banana splits at Cold Stone Creamery back in the day for a paycheck.

Unfortunately, making money from social media sites is VERY easy but most people just don’t know the formula.

If you do it WRONG, people hate you and call you a spammer.

If you do it RIGHT, people love you and buy from you often.

It’s CRITICAL to know what you’re doing so you can ensure you’re ALWAYS on the right side of the fence. This post will teach you how to do just that…

how to make money on social media sites

So Here’s The FULL Breakdown Of How To Make Money On Social Media Sites

It really breaks into three main categories you need to focus on:


Don’t let the simplicity of this plan fool you!

Often people overlook plans like these because they deem them as “too simple” when the truth is that the SIMPLE actions repeated consistently over time are the ones that get the GREATEST results!

how to build an audience on facebook


One of the first things to realize is that if you get your message out there to MORE PEOPLE, you’ll make MORE MONEY, all factors even.

The average entrepreneur I know who wants to make more money with their Facebook profile is hovering around 1,500 – 2,500 friends. Even at 2,500 that’s HALF of what Facebook allows with the 5,000 limit, and I don’t like to half-ass ANYTHING, so I set 5,000 friends as my first goal.

Now here’s the key…you don’t want to have 5,000 friends just to have 5,000 friends.

It’s about quantity AND quality, not one or the other.

So my target was to set out to build an audience of 5,000 badass entrepreneurs who would support me, mentor me and of course buy from me along the way. Here’s how I did it:

how to make money with facebook groups

It’s VERY Easy To Learn How To Make Money In Facebook Groups By Friending The Members

I didn’t want to add just ANYBODY so I started going to Facebook groups that were either:

FREE – Where entrepreneurs hung out and talked shop.


PAID – The groups you were allowed in after buying a product

The combination of these groups is awesome because it weeds out a lot of energy vampires and negative people. PLUS if you’re adding people from customer groups, they’re PROVEN to invest in themselves and their businesses, which means they’ll be more likely to do that with YOU as well.

Make Money Posting On Facebook

What I do is simply click the “ADD FRIEND” button with people in these groups that have mutual friends.

That’s it. I don’t send a message with it right off the get-go. Facebook used to let you send a zillion messages with no penalty but if you clicked the “ADD FRIEND” button a few times you’d get banned. Now things are reverse. You can click that “ADD FRIEND” button all day (don’t LITERALLY do it all day, for that ONE guy out there…) but if you send a bunch of messages you can get a slap.

It’s best to just click that button on a batch of people every day that have mutual friends with you and you’ll start to build up your audience pretty quick.

BUT…here’s the key…

Make Money On Social Sites


If you try to add a bunch of A-Players to your Facebook profile but they hit it and don’t see you as a “Person Of Value”…you’re DONE!

They’ll bounce off in .02 seconds and forget you even exist.

So what do we do? WE UP THE VALUE! It’s a solution that pretty much ALWAYS makes everything better…like sprinkling magic dust on everything and watching your results go through the roof.

Get Paid To Post On Facebook

You Must Become A Person Of Value

People of VALUE make the most money. People who provide LITTE to NO value make the least. That’s just the way it is and it’s the way it always will be.

If you can figure out a way to add more value to people’s lives, they’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.

BUT…if you START giving people value and then STOP…they’ll go find the person who will keep the value stream flowing. Don’t underestimate the need for CONSISTENCY. Providing value over time is the true winner, not just doing it in a burst at the beginning and then forgetting about it completely.

get leads from facebook

So How Do We Offer More Value?

It all starts with KNOWING your audience and KNOWING what they want.

The last thing you want to do is GUESS and then throw a bunch of stuff at them they will snub their nose at because it wasn’t what they were looking for in the first place.

Getting to know your audience on a deeper basis will help you in ways you can’t even imagine. Knowing your customer avatar on a deeper and deeper level is a journey that never ends and unfortunately a journey the average marketer doesn’t even begin.

Start Making Money On Social Media

Let’s Dive Into A Specific Example Of How You Can Start Making Money On Social Media

But let’s say you got to know your target audience REALLY well. Let’s say they’re gardeners. You sell a gardening course that comes with some gardening tools. And you’ve gone into Facebook groups about gardening and added all kinds of people from them.

If they visit your profile and in the profile picture and cover photo you have pictures of you gardening, and then you have all kinds of posts with gardening tips and linking to valuable blog posts and videos about gardening…DO YOU THINK THEY WILL RESONATE WITH YOU?

OF COURSE THEY WILL. Stay CONSISTENT with the posts about gardening that provide value to their lives and when you talk about your gardening product they’ll be all ears and EXCITED to buy from you!

Compare that to never talking about gardening at all, just posting irrelevant memes and then randomly making some salesy post about your “Best Gardening Course Ever” once in a blue moon. Do you think THAT’S going to work? Nope, nope and NOPE.

It’s ALL about providing value consistently so they have these 2 feelings: “This person ALWAYS has valuable stuff when I visit their profile. I’ll go visit it again RIGHT NOW!” and “Wow if their FREE stuff is this valuable, I can only imagine how valuable their PAID stuff is. Oh hell, I know it will be good. I’ll buy it RIGHT NOW!”

Make More Sales On Social Media


So if you have way more friends coming to you on Facebook…and you’re putting out value consistently…there’s STILL a missing piece if you want to turn this into a full-time income and BEYOND.

And that step is MAKING OFFERS…and even more than that…experimenting with DIFFERENT offers and making these offers CONSISTENTLY.

If you have a bunch of people around you who see you as valuable but you never SELL anything, you’re not going to make any sales. It’s not like they’re going to just hand you money out of the blue.

Get Paid For Social Media Posts

Find Out What They Want And Offer It To Them

You need to find out what kind of value they’re resonating with and what kinds of problems they desire to solve and then put together offers based around just that.

For example, I’m connected with tons of entrepreneurs and a LOT of them I want to work with have successful businesses but they’re TOTALLY starved for time. So what I do is put out a lot of valuable posts that will help them free up more time in their businesses and I also make a lot of offers based around how to AUTOMATE their businesses to free up even MORE time. And it works because I know my audience and know that’s what they want.

Earn Money From Social Media Sites

Remember, It’s All About CONSISTENCY And TESTING

If we had the example I used earlier about someone in the gardening space connecting with a lot of gardeners, they’d do GREAT by sharing lots of blog posts they’ve written with helpful gardening tips in them and then mixing in some offers about gardening courses that help people’s plants grow bigger or whatever their particular audience is looking for.

The key is CONSISTENCY and TESTING. I’ve made a bunch of offers that have worked well and I’ve made a bunch of offers that haven’t. If I had stopped at the ones that didn’t work well, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Make offers consistently and test different types of offers based off your customer avatar research to see what your audience is resonating with the most.

Social Media Money

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Know How To Make Money From Social Media Sites, You Now Have Your Formula!

Remember that although this might be very SIMPLE, it’s also very EFFECTIVE. The key is to be CONSISTENT on everything and test different angles if something isn’t working out of the gate. After all, it’s the most flexible and adaptable that survive over time!

Keep building that audience up based on relevant groups until you max out at the 5,000 friend limit. Followers will start to trickle in after that and different people will unfriend you that don’t resonate with you but overall you’ll find your “Ride Or Die” people if you keep doing this long enough.

Then provide value CONSISTENTLY and make sure it’s based around providing solutions to the PAIN your prospects are trying to ESCAPE FROM or the PLEASURE they’re trying to RUN TO. If you do this enough, they’ll keep coming back to you again and again.

Social Media Sites That Pay Money

And that’s of course where you can start making money, as long as you’re making offers CONSISTENTLY! Test different types of offers you feel will solve your audience’s problems. Ask them what THEY want. And then provide it to them in the form of a product or service that can make you money and enrich their lives in the process.

Do all these 3 things and you’ll ALWAYS know how to make money from social media sites so that you can log onto Facebook or anywhere else and consistently earn profits for ANYTHING you’re promoting.

This formula has done a LOT for me and I know it will do a LOT for you too if you’re implementing it consistently, and it will definitely provide a tribe you can run with for life that will serve you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

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