Why do so many people get “hurt” with “losing their money” in crypto-ponzis? At it’s core…laziness.
It’s because of “OF THANK GOD, I’VE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!” SYNDROME! AKA why learn skills and build stuff, I have the magic money multiplier right here folks lol
Leads to the stories of people “Who have NEVER succeeded in ANYTHING before but they’re finally succeeding in THIS and so happy!”
They’re “Done!” They can “Chill!” They “Figured It Out!” Woohoo!
Meanwhile, the players are searching searching searching every day, using all their resources to get ANY edge they can get, because they’re NEVER done.
People don’t wanna BUILD because it involves rolling up some sleeves and getting your hands down there in the EARTH.
The person who “never succeeded until Crypto-Cash Printer 3000” never succeeded in ANYTHING because:
1. They didn’t have the necessary skills
2. They didn’t build what needed to get built
3. They didn’t take the actions they needed to take
People think it’s big news that USI and BitConnect shut down. They were two of a BUNCH that are out there. And some of the ones that aren’t US-based have even CRAZIER claims.
People will continue to fall for these and get roped into them because of the promise of “the least amount of effort for the highest possible reward”.
It’s not a bad concept in itself, as it’s the very concept I use to build SYSTEMS that will make money for me LONG-TERM.
But the sweet spot is in developing your skills and growing the digital real estate portfolio.
Everyone at the top: TONS of skills (whether they admit it or not) and TONS of digital real estate in their portfolio.
The next “Opp” that promises you to grow your Xcoin by Xpercent by simply putting Xcoin in the thing…
No no no…
Go learn how to sell, follow up, close, get referrals, build funnels, run ads, do SEO, be good on video, build your own products, create compelling content, etc. etc. etc.
That stuff will ALWAYS be valuable.
It’ll ALWAYS reward you.
It’ll ALWAYS let you grow and grow and pull money out of literally thin air whenever you FEEL like it.
Put your trust into THAT.
Not into Magic Money Multiplier 3000.
Put your trust in YOU…
In YOUR skills…
And in what YOU will build…
That’s a harvest I wouldn’t mind showing up for 😉