At the event I just went to…I witnessed the rebirth of someone, saw a paradigm shatter that was owning the man’s life for YEARS.
He was in his 60’s and stood up crying, barely able to get his story out that he had lost his job just months earlier and he got so depressed that his kidneys almost shut down and he considered ending it all.
But then I saw him change…
I saw him take in what he just said, REALLY take it in and then release it. And I could tell he let it go because I saw a POWERFUL side of him come out.
The side that went on to say that he was now taking control of his life.
The side that proclaimed in front of EVERYONE that he would NEVER work for anyone else again…
…and that he has been putting in 16 hour days on this current opportunity to ensure his actions match his new conviction…
…to ensure that what he’s doing every day matches his WORD.
I saw that side of him come out.
A whole room did.
And that side is there inside of YOU TOO my friend.
It’s the part of you that wants more.
The part of you that knows there’s a bigger game being played.
The part of you that cringes when you catch yourself playing small, preceding a commitment to do things bigger than ever.
Unleash it.
Don’t hold it back.
YOU need that side of you in full-force…
...and you want to know what?
The WORLD needs that side of you in full-force too.
To hold it back from yourself is to hold back your own greatness and not step into who you could BE, who you really ARE at your core.
And to tap into it is to unlock everything you’ve ever wanted and live life floating a little bit above the ground each day realizing that you’re more powerful than you think you are and capable of GIVING more than you ever thought you could give.
Awaken that side of you my friend.
In many of us…it’s been sitting dormant for FAR too long…


1. Take a second and just sit back, grab a few deep breaths and think about an area or areas of your life where you are suppressing that side of you. When we are honest with ourselves about this, it won’t take TOO long to figure out where we’re suppressing that powerful side of ourselves.
2. Now that you’re looking in the eyes of that side of you that you’ve hidden from the world for far too long, it’s time to ask yourself WHY you’ve hidden it. Did you reveal it to the world before and FAIL? Were you told this side of you was “too much” as you grew up? Analyze WHY you’ve been hiding this side of you even if it takes some time.
3. Make a commitment to allow this side of you to come out fully. It doesn’t mean you’re going to falsely draw it out of yourself, but instead means that if you feel it rising up that you will let it do it’s thing and just observe what’s happening without trying to suppress it or stop it. You’ll be surprised how much you like this new feeling 😉