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You’ll get CLOSE. Maybe. But INSIDE…there’s a part of you who knows “All the times you fucked up and hurt other people in the past” and well…how would you ever allow THAT side of yourself to experience any major levels of success?

You don’t DESERVE success because of all the shit you’ve fucked up on in your past, or at least that’s what your subconscious is REALLY thinking…and it will never ever change UNLESS…

You realize you actually ARE enough.


A right to be in YOUR MARKETPLACE.

A right to experience MASSIVE SUCCESS.


You have a MAJOR part of yourself that is holding you back from it.

And you don’t even SEE that side of you consciously because CONSCIOUSLY: “DUH who wouldn’t want SUCCESS? OF COURSE I want success!”

Subconsciously though…every fiber of your being is keeping you away from it.

And a BIG part of that is because of your fuckups in the past.

The times you’ve lied to people.

The times you’ve hurt people either physically or mentally.

The times you felt low so you made others feel low too.

The times you’ve stolen…either physical possessions or time from somebody.

The times you’ve burst out in anger and hostility at the people who love you the most.

And let’s not forget all the times you SAID you were going to do the work but then you never actually did it and gave into sloth and gluttony instead.

How could THAT version of you EVER deserve success?

“But Ben…that’s not me anymore. I’m on the personal development path. I’m different now!”

Try telling that to your subconscious.


It is fulfilling the karma loop and working to PUNISH YOU for a million things you did wrong in the past and because it can’t specifically give you a million different punishments equal to everything you did…it’s just going to give you ONE punishment that dwarfs them all:

It’s going to hold you back from success.

It’s going to make success IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m sure you know by now the power of the compound effect and taking consistent action towards the results you desire, no?

Ever wonder why it’s so EASY to start and get that initial BURST of momentum (that you’re probably experiencing RIGHT NOW in the new year) but then you quickly go back to “Regular Mode” where nothing grows and no REAL success is ever attained?

It’s your subconscious PUNISHING you for your past.

It’s your subconscious saying “WAIT A MINUTE! You did all this fucked up shit in the past…and now you just want massive levels of success? Someone like you doesn’t DESERVE that success after all you did! So I’ll let you roll for a littleeeeeee bit so you don’t REALLY know what’s going on but then when you’re not looking…I’m going to cut off ALL your traction and ALL your momentum.”

And you know what that means:

You’re destined to fulfill the endless loop your entire life without end.

A purgatory of sorts.

Start doing the right things and getting a littleeeee success and then crash back down and start from scratch and start doing the right things to get a littleeeee success and then BOOM another crash.

Endless and endless and endless.

At least until you DIE of course.

We all have THAT to look forward to.

The REAL question my friend is:

In the time BEFORE that…don’t you want to spend it LIVING?

Don’t you want to spend it THRIVING?

Don’t you want to spend it fulfilling all your earthly desires and entering a state of permanent peace to the point where you’re GOOD and can now help lifting others up too?

Don’t you want to break out of the endless cycle?

So much of success starts with FORGIVENESS.

Not just forgiving other people who hurt you.

Anybody can do that.

But forgiving YOURSELF for all your fuckups in the past.

And knowing that just because you made mistakes and hurt others as well as yourself in the process…it doesn’t mean that you don’t DESERVE success.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not enough.

Because you ARE.

You ARE enough.

You’re MORE than enough.

No matter WHAT you did…you’re worthy of success…


…as long as you’re going to stay CONSISTENT on the path.

Most fall off.

More can’t stay on the path to success for more than a few days to be honest.

And it’s all because of this self-sabotage.

But those who have broken FREE from it…

…they started taking the dream life that’s in their head and turning it into a VIBRANT REALITY they live day to day.

It’s not just about reading the books and saying the affirmations and doing the work.

You need to dive deep and be HONEST about what you’re REFUSING TO FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR because THAT is the root of your self sabotage…THAT is the part of you that will hold you back from any REAL success with tricks you can’t even SEE.

And it’s not until you shine that light of awareness on those areas of your life, clear and transmute them, and TRANSCEND them that you’ll EVER step out of your funk and step INTO the most successful version of yourself you’ve ever experienced in your entire life.

Most will never do this in their lifetime.

It’s why the masses stay average.

It’s why 97%+ of businesses fail.

It’s why people have big hopes and fantastic dreams…but never seem to call them forward into their reality.

Because a part of their own selves made the decision that they’re not ENOUGH and they don’t DESERVE these goals because of the PAIN they’ve caused themselves and OTHERS in the past…so it builds a wall in between them and success that they have no idea how to climb over.

They don’t even know the wall is THERE.

But YOU my friend…you can dissolve that wall in an instant.

When you shine awareness on these areas…the wall begins to weaken.

When you forgive yourself for the pain you’ve caused…the wall begins to break.

And when you stay CONSISTENT with these two things…you’ll soon look up and find the wall crumbled down to ash at your feet, never to be rebuilt again.

And that’s when you can step over it and into the other side…the side where success lives…the side where you can exhale all your stress realizing you ARE enough and ARE deserving of success and now you’re finally the version of yourself capable of going out there and making it happen.

That’s what I wish for you my friend.

And hopefully that’s what you wish for yourself.

Let this year be the year you shine the light on the areas of your past that you’ve covered up for so long so you can step into the version of yourself capable of making ANYTHING happen that your pretty little heart desires.

After all, there IS a version of you that deserves it.


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