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The KEY though…is knowing that the THING still needs to get DONE!

Right now I’m typing this to you as someone else sets up ALL the furniture in my house for under $200. I didn’t hire him because I had something super urgent to do during this time (let’s be honest, I’m smoking weed and eating avocado toast with WAY too much avocado on it) BUT I realized…

…a little voice in my head appeared after I unpackaged all my furniture, looked at it, and went…


(Jimmy Fallon hanging out with Taylor Swift voice)

IMMEDIATELY my brain splits into two and begins arguing.

“Just set it up, you know you can do it.”

“Yea but that’s not the point. Leverage motherfucker.”

“Dude it’s 3 fucking pieces of furniture. Grab your balls and get it done.”

“Yea but I don’t DESIRE to do it. Ever think of THAT?”

“It doesn’t matter. It needs to get done and you CAN do it. So do it.”

“Uh…it needs to get DONE. That doesn’t mean I have to do it!!!”

“Okay fair point…so how do we get this shit done WITHOUT you doing it?”


“Oh duh…internet!”

“You done being a bitch?”

“Yes. Let’s internet this!!!”

And now you have more of a glimpse at how my brain operates…


…how it operates NOW at least.

It wasn’t always like that…

A younger version of me would have basically just done ALL the work myself (even though I didn’t TRULY desire to) and then I’d brag on social media about how much I “hustled” that day.

The other hustlers would hop on the post and praise me, seeing that hustle in themselves too and having me justify for them that “Doing MORE Work” is the way to get ahead.

Unfortunately, it’s not.

You see…there’s work out there that needs to get DONE for you to get results.

The misconception by 99% is that THEY have to be the one who does it.

How outrageous.

As if the King lays every brick in the wall that surrounds the kingdom.

You have to separate the “FEEL GOOD” feeling that comes from DOING THE WORK and the “FEEL GOOD” feeling that comes from GETTING THE RESULT.

Because if you mix THOSE two up…you’re in for a world of hurt…

…and it’s the kind of hurt where you wake up to make your New Year’s resolutions and basically realize these goals are the ones that have been eluding you for MULTIPLE years, not just the last one.

Slipping through your fingers like trying to hold an ocean of water…trying to hold a mountain of sand…

The results will ALWAYS elude you…


…you surrender.

SURRENDER to the fact that maybe there’s people out there who get MORE results than you but actually do LESS work than you.

SURRENDER to the fact that yes this thing or that thing needs to get DONE…but it doesn’t mean that YOU have to do it.

SURRENDER to the fact that YOU DON’T EVEN WANT TO DO THAT THING and someone ELSE out there WANTS to do it and they want to get PAID for it.

YOU would have done it in misery and not gotten paid a DIME for it.

It would have actually cost you thousands and thousands of dollars if you REALLY crunched how much time it was worth and then decided “Nah, that’s better spent putting together a DESK so I can save a few bucks”.

Will you do everything yourself and forever remain miserable?

Will you do the activity that actually costs you TONS of money instead of paying someone else a LITTLE bit of money to do it for you?

The WORK ALL DAY badge of honor is dead.

The HUSTLE GRIND GRIND HUSTLE badge of honor is dead.

The WORK > SLEEP badge of honor is dead.

You know what’s IN?

What has ALWAYS been in (low-key)?

And what will always BE IN?


And leverage in ALL areas of life, not just business.

Oh yes, there are entrepreneurs out there who will preach leverage to you and show you how they’re outsourcing things in their business…

…and then they spend 4 hours a month cleaning their own houses…

…and doing every “Chore” imaginable…

…and then feeling “VERY PRODUCTIVE” on the day where they setup the thing AND did the grocery shop themselves AND cooked all the food themselves AND cleaned everything up themselves etc. etc.

It’s a false flag.

It’s us feeling productive because our parents REWARDED us for doing chores as kids, with praise and money and all that shit, to the point where it’s wired itself in our brains that not doing the “Chore” ourself is BAD and DOING the “Chore” ourselves is GOOD.

And when we start playing entrepreneur…we bring it into BUSINESS.

And “Doing ALL The Work Yourself” becomes the new normal.

Instead of your parents praising you, your fellow entrepreneurs do.

The fellow hustle-grind-grind-hustlers who haven’t TRULY grasped leverage yet either.

And that’s why 97% of online businesses fail.

The 3% that succeed are the ones that understand LEVERAGE.

They understand that the work needs to get done, but they don’t have to be out there in the trenches doing 100 fucking percent of it all by themselves.

And you know who REALLY wins?

It’s the entrepreneurs who understand what they TRULY LOVE to do in business and in life…so they dedicate to doing THAT AND ONLY THAT…and delegating or eliminating the rest.

They’re the ones with the PASSIVE income streams everyone desires.

They’re the ones with the MULTIPLE income streams everyone desires.

They have the LEAST STRESS.

They TRAVEL THE MOST out of the entrepreneurs I see.

And of course they always have MORE MONEY than everyone I know.

Because they understand SYSTEMS that breed LEVERAGE.


BEFORE you have the right leverage systems, business is miserable.

You’re doing a TON of work for a LITTLE bit of money.

You see EVERYONE around you making money EASIER than you’re making it.

And while the sales flood down on them like an avalanche, you’re sitting and wondering how to get your next client that you pray isn’t as shitty as the LAST one was.

(Lots of businesses that NEED the next client NEED THE NEXT CLIENT are prime examples of businesses that have virtually NO systems and virtually NO leverage…watch out for them)

So what’s the solution?

Figuring out what you LOVE to do and saying FUCK THE REST!

And snubbing your nose at the GooRoos that will STILL try to tell you “Now sometimes you have to do things you hate to become successful.”




Do what you love and the money will follow…


(That’s where my woo-woo friends trip up and end the month with more crystals than dollars in their bank accounts).

For me…I know to a T what I love doing in business.

I love shooting videos.

I love writing.

I love building sales funnels including writing the copy.

Everything else can getttttttttt fuckeddddddd.

And that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to get DONE.

It just means that I’M not going to be the one who DOES it.

Customer loses their password or login details?

Only happens about…of fucking seven thousand times a week.

I used to STOP the writing I was doing and go give people logins.

Then I trained my team on how to do it for me.

I ALWAYS to play on all the social media networks and get leads from Instagram and Pinterest and LinkedIn and everywhere BESIDES where I was really active (Facebook & YouTube)…

…BUT I used to always TRY to play on all the social media networks BY MYSELF.

And so I got results with virtually NONE of them.


Software runs the LinkedIn 100%.

One teammate runs the Instagram.

One teammate runs the Pinterest.

Another teammate is editing the videos for me.

Another one is ranking them.

etc. etc.

People get scared when they hear I have MULTIPLE people working for me.

What they should REALLY be scared of is doing 100% of them fucking work THEMSELVES and devil-trading their time for it, WHICH THEY CAN NEVER GET BACK EVER!!!

I’m HAPPY to have multiple people working for me.


Because it means I get to cut a check for someone to do work HAPPILY since nobody was going to cut ME a check for doing the work MISERABLY.

I said from Day 1 I’d do things on my terms and setup a life and business where I could do whatever the fuck I wanted with nobody telling me what to do.

And to be honest…I strayed from that path for a longggggg time.

I got BACK on the path when I fully surrendered to SYSTEMS and LEVERAGE.

Knowing that I deserve to get the FRUIT of the harvest even if someone else was in the FIELDS for me doing all the work…because I GAVE the access to those fields to them and I GAVE them money for their work in the fields.

And so I get to focus on what I love to do and say “Fuck the rest”.

It’s a VERY beautiful spot to be in.

One I struggled for years and years to get to before I finally “Got it” and it clicked.

So…how do YOU do it?

How do YOU take control of your business and your life and start running both the way YOU truly desire to instead of just being the eternal burnt-out hamster on the wheel of death?


…while knowing that the work needs to get DONE…

…WHILE releasing the NEED to do it all yourself.

That’s one of the biggest remedies for success there is out there.

Do you even know what you LIKE to do in business?

Is it popping into your head as you read this or have you WRITTEN DOWN THE LIST?

And have you written the SHADOW LIST of what you HATE HATE HATE doing in business?

Because all my woo-woo friends ignore THAT one too and then get bent over by it later as they attract EVERYTHING into their lives, including that which they DON’T want at all.

So make the list of what you LOVE to do.

(In life AND business).

Then make the list of what you HATE to do.

(In life AND business).

Then you must ask yourself…

…how’s the balance?

Am I doing everything I hate and ignoring everything I love?

Am I doing both straight down the middle giving no special attention to the activities that really warm my soul and make me feel alive?

Am I doing ALL OF THE ABOVE so I can wear the grind-hustle-hustle-grind badge of honor because I secretly care more about people seeing me as a “Hard Worker” than me getting the result?


That’s a biggie 🙂

You must make the LISTS…

…and then you must SURRENDER TO THEM.

Not trying to change them.

Not trying to say “Well I will just keep doing this thing I really hate UNTIL…”


“Well, I’ll start doing those things I really love WHEN…”

Both recipes for absolute and total disaster.

Make your lists and you’ll have more clarity than most.

Then ask yourself what activities on there YOU AND ONLY YOU can do and DESIRE to do (for example, me shooting videos, me writing copy, etc. etc.)

And then categorize the activities that need to get DONE, but you’re not head over heels in love with them so you don’t desire to do them yourself.

Maybe it’s customer support tickets, responding to emails, doing nit-picky SEO steps, making images constantly for sites like Pinterest, Instagram etc. etc.

Whatever it is for you, it’s time to step into a new chapter of your life where you GIVE UP CONTROL and let someone else GO GET THAT RESULTS FOR YOU.

It’s truly a beautiful thing.

And the exercises in letting go are some of the most powerful we could ever partake in.

I myself find IMMENSE joy in waking up and seeing not even the money I made while I was sleeping, but seeing the LIST OF WORK that got accomplished while I was sleeping.

Because it meant that I was able to give up control when it was holding it back.

Because it meant I got to move forward faster than I could just move myself.

And because I got to pay someone to happily do that work FOR ME instead of getting $0 to do the work miserably by myself when I knew my soul wasn’t calling me to do it.

We only live this life ONCE my friend.

I’m certainly not trying to spend it in front of a computer.

I’m certainly not trying to spend it working all day for some false badge of honor.

And I’m certainly not trying to spend it doing ANYTHING except for what I absolutely LOVE to do, that which sets my soul on fire and burns bright enough for the whole world to see.

That’s the life I desire for you too my friend.

Know that you DESERVE it.

Know that you’re WORTH it.

And know that the life you DESIRE is totally within your reach…

…but there will be some (probably MANY) things you’ll have to give up to get there.

Let the need to “Do it all yourself” be the first.

P.S. If you want ACCESS to every outsourcing system I use and run with my internal team that allows me to get MOUNTAINS of income-producing work done WITHOUT me doing it all myself…

…reach out and we’ll have a conversation with getting you early access to my upcoming course OUTSOURCE HAVEN where I break down EVERYTHING I’m outsourcing in my business (and life) and showing YOU how to do it step by step so you can create a “Walk away from it and it’s still earning for me” business that everyone got INTO the industry to get from Day 1 that only a small percentage of people actually wind up with.

Let’s work together to make you one of them.

After all my friend…you deserve it.


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