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I still remember waking up with a frown on my face, almost disappointed that there was another day that I had to “get through”.

I didn’t know where I was going.

And I felt like even if I knew, there was no way I was ever going to get there.

Ever felt that before?

It’s brutal, totally drains you.

These were during the days before I went FULL TIME in the world of entrepreneurship, those days where I had the shitty job I was trying to get away from but the business was barely even PART time, let alone stable enough to support me.

I was always an entrepreneur though, don’t get me wrong, selling things since I was a little kid.

But I wasn’t always SUCCESSFUL as one, in more ways than financially.

I wasn’t always fulfilled.

I wasn’t always this motivated.

And I certainly wasn’t always experiencing this much upside.

Even now feeling like I’m on “the other side” of things, it’s still a challenge.

The more a business grows and the more YOU grow, the more problems you’ll have.

But they’re better QUALITY problems.

That’s the important part to pay attention to that so many ignore.

You see, here are some problems I had BEFORE I was able to support myself full time in the world of entrepreneurship, particularly through the world of running online businesses:

– Had to get up earlier than I wanted because of my job

– Had to waste time and gas money driving to and from a job

– Had a job I didn’t enjoy that I didn’t have any passion for

– Had a VERY low job paycheck only come once every two weeks

– Had to be told when I could or couldn’t take breaks at work

– Had to get treated like crap by employees that I couldn’t fire

– Had to waste hours of my life doing something I didn’t love

My problems were all centered about not being FREE!
This is very important to notice.

Look at the problems in your life and find that central theme.

If the central theme revolves around feeling restricted or not feeling free, having a successful business WILL help alleviate those problems over time.

Now here’s the key.


Most people want to “never have problems again” and “just fix everything”.

This is literally impossible.

So don’t even think about it!

The goal should be to UPGRADE your problems.

And if there is one group of people who are always experiencing better and better problems in their lives, it’s the entrepreneur.

Here are a few of the “problems” our team has experienced lately:

– Accounts closing for making too much money too fast

– Overwhelmed by which potential 8 figure project to kick off first

– Too excited about all the different ways to make more money

– Too many messages in our inboxes to even respond to daily

– Scaling projects up to figure out how to turn $1 into $10

Notice how I didn’t say “Entrepreneurship started working and now all of the sudden I don’t have any problems!”?


There will ALWAYS be “problems” but you just want better quality problems.

For example, can we agree that it’s better quality problem if you’re making SO MUCH money that now you have to find out a way to get clever with taxes?

Vs. having the problem of never making enough money so you’re always worried about bills and how you’re going to make rent?

So…by now you’re probably wondering how it is that you can get away from all the little BS problems in your life and actually have some problems that MATTER…some fun problems…some “you know you’re playing big WHEN” problems.

How do we upgrade our problems?

It’s simple.

We start by upgrading ourselves by upgrading the people we learn from.

It’s all about modeling.

Find someone who has higher quality problems than you on a consistent basis and then work closely with them in business and soon you’ll have those problems too.

Imagine if I was trying to learn business from someone who’s regular problems are “the boss was mean this week” and “John from accounting is a real piece of shit!”

You’ll never get wealthy talking about “water cooler problems”.

Those are the small ones that people talk about before they realize the true game that’s being played and their true power.

Once you’re around these people, getting mentored by them, implementing the advice they give you and WORKING WITH THEM then it’s only a matter of time before all your little BS problems seemingly fade away only to make room for big, new, exciting problems.

And those are the ones you want.

Because when you figure out how to solve THOSE…you get to design an unbelievable lifestyle for yourself that many people only dream of.

And on your way there you’ll be increasing the quality of your life so fast that you don’t even recognize what you were stressing about just a few short months ago.

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