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Beats a J-O-B right? The sad truth is…the average person out there has no concept of what “Providing Value” is and what’s even SADDER…is that a lot of people who have been in the entrepreneurial game for YEARS don’t really know what it is either.

Oh if only they knew…and could see just how much easier their lives and businesses could be if they simply popped out a few of those posts on their Facebook profiles instead of making things so HARD. Anyway, here’s how to do it, in a nutshell:


Branding goes so much deeper than just the visual identity of a brand but when I say “Branding” that’s probably the first thing that comes to your head…so let’s go with it. Your profile needs to have people’s eyes open a bit more than usual when they see it so you can snap them out of the whirlwind of the social media marketplace and grab their attention.

Make sure your cover photo either shows you or your company in a positive light, looks professional and one great thing to do is just straight up tell people EXACTLY how you can help them in your cover photo. After all, it’s like a free billboard for your business that endless amounts of people will see if you play the game right. You really gonna use that space to post a picture of your dog or something?


Want to grow your audience? Simple. Go into Facebook groups and click “Add Friend” to everyone who has at least a few mutual friends as you. Not the shitty “Post Your Ad Here” Facebook groups. The REAL ones that are the free VALUE groups or groups of PAID CUSTOMERS who are already qualified on multiple levels to probably do business with you. Think about it.

Don’t send them a creepy message about how you’re “Connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs”. Everyone has heard that a billion times and just runs for the hills, like me with the guy I blocked two hours ago. Hit the button and don’t do anything else. If you are running your profile correctly, they will come to YOU.


There’s lots of ways to provide value on Facebook. Here’s two biggies I’m focused on…I’ll give you a hint…I’m doing one of them right now. I’m typing a long-ass post that has ACTIONABLE value in it you can go implement and get results right meow and it’s certainly a hell of a lot more interesting than Bobby Bobson’s post about what the fuck he ate for breakfast on Tuesday.

Because I’m writing a long-ass value post, I will also certainly take this post and put it on my blog and now BOOM, two birds get stoned at once, I’m all of the sudden creating content for MULTIPLE platforms in one go. On the blog it’s just a valuable post…but to the marketplace on Facebook it’s something more because in the scheme of things…not a lot of people will do the longer value-filled posts. Do them and you’ll stand out and you can also use them for blog posts, etc. etc.

Video too. You guys know I’m a proponent of video if you’ve followed me for any length of time. Here’s what I do: I use a fancy fancy camera setup to shoot a video I’m going to rank on YouTube for a certain keyword my audience is searching for. While I’m shooting that video, I’m live streaming me shooting it on Facebook (and Instagram as well…with two phones #KevinGates). Boom, I just did two livestreams while creating content for YouTube that’s not even edited and finalized yet. When the video is edited, it gets ranked on YouTube and gets traffic from there. Guess what? I also take the exact same edited video and post it on Facebook as a FB video so people can see the finalized version. Boom. You can create content for the rest of your life with just those two formats I mentioned and you’ll do just fine.


Why on earth are you asking ME? You didn’t take the time to learn your marketplace and know their deepest pain points, fears and desires to the point where you can just psychically predict what they are going to be needing to fix all of that and to hit their goals?

What’s the biggest problem your audience facing? What smaller “Orbiting Problems” exist BECAUSE that main problem is in their lives? Where do they hang out online and bitch about it and seek support? What books do they read to get support? What physical products on Amazon do they buy to get support? What digital products do they buy to get support? What are their dreams? What direction do they want to move in? What’s in between where they are now and getting there? What are the top blogs/social media pages/YouTube accounts in the space that are serving this crowd already? Who are the top 10 influencers that are have hugely successful businesses ALREADY fixing the problem of this crowd?

Don’t ask what to create content about. Answer every single one of those questions and you’ll never even have to THINK about “How To Create Content” ever again in your entire life.

That was quite the little (or not so little) rant…wasn’t it?

Anyhoo…if you want to be able to make MORE than a full-time income from your personal Facebook profile (does not require ads) I go a lot deeper than just this post on it.

I have a full course called Social Selling Blueprint about how I’ve been making more than a full-time income from my Facebook profile…revealing how I’ve done cool stuff like make $10,000+ from a single Facebook post…have thousands of dollars a week come in from simply making posts to a tiny crowd of 5,000 on my profile, etc. etc.

Lots of cool stuff in there and whether you’re making good money, making meh money or making no money with your Facebook profile…this course will show you how to scale it up to a level much larger than you’re currently playing at now.

Another thing…I’m in the process of interviewing all the absolute badasses I know about how they’re running high-six and some even seven-figure businesses JUST from the Facebook posts they make on their profile…and I’ll be adding those interviews to the course for you as well, which I know you’ll enjoy times infinity.

So…if you want it now for just $997 before that doubles up, just click the button below to learn how to get instant access inside so you can start rocking and rolling on everything IMMEDIATELY.

Cheers to you crushing it out with a mere Facebook profile in 2019 😉

It’s a lot easier than you think.

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