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Look…I get it. That shit is SCARY if you don’t know how to do it. “Public Speaking” is feared more than DEATH for most people but the truth is…in THIS INDUSTRY…if you don’t know how to get on camera and deliver a SOLID video that delivers value and sells…you’re already slipping WAY BEHIND and you need to catch up!

So…here are 7 tips for how to be a rockstar on camera (From a guy who shoots multiple videos a day now and was sweating like a hooker in church when I tried to shoot the first one):


If you’re afraid of being on camera…you’re focusing on YOU. Focus on the AUDIENCE who’s going to be WATCHING the video. You’re literally either going to focus on one or the other so you need to pick. If you’re just focused on you…you’ll start to worry about how you look, whether you said the right thing or not, etc. If you focus on the audience, you’ll just be focusing on how to get the valuable message over to them as clearly as possible, which brings me to my next point…


Know the VALUE your video is going to bring to the table for people! ONE PERSON watching your video ONCE could change their lives FOREVER and have a ripple impact on all the people THEY’LL ever know. Now imagine that SCALE of that and the IMPACT you can have by simply being the vessel that put that video out there for people to see. They wouldn’t have gotten that value if YOU didn’t deliver it. Focus on the value you’re providing to the viewer’s life and everything becomes 100X easier.


If you’re new to being on camera…there’s a certain amount of videos you’ll have to shoot before you get comfortable with the process. Let’s say the number is 30 as an example. Well…you could practice doing 1 video a week and take 30 weeks to get comfortable with everything. OR you could fast track and say “I’m going to shoot one video a DAY!” and then you’re a pro on camera within a MONTH. I’d recommend condensing it even more than THAT. Why wait forever to get good at something when you can do that thing a lot in a short amount of time and get REALLY good at it REALLY fast?


When we’re focused on “Whether the video is good or not” we’re zoomed IN and thinking SMALL. Think BIG and zoom OUT so you can think about what this video will do for your brand as a whole. Think about not only all the lives it could impact…but also the fact that ONE VIDEO alone can bring in THOUSANDS of new leads into your business that could do transactions with you that changed YOUR life and THEIR life forever. Think about the fact that someone has been struggling for YEARS with the simple advice you’re laying out in your video and because of watching YOUR VIDEO their multi-year problem will come to an end INSTANTLY. ALWAYS zoom out and you’ll find yourself in the right mindset for all this.


Whenever I am about to turn on the camera to shoot a video, I always know 2 things: 1. The TOPIC I’ll be covering and 2. What’s being SOLD at the end of the video. This make it very easy to not have to do scripts or a bunch of planning or anything and STILL deliver a quality video, because you’ll know “Where it’s supposed to end” and your mind will HAVE TO connect the topic you’re talking about to the call to action. For example, the video attached to this post is all about how to be more confident on camera…and I know if someone enjoys this video and is into video marketing that they’d LOVE my free Video Ranking Club report…and love the full paid course EVEN MORE! So it makes it easy to transition to the call to action at the end, and make the whole flow natural in the process.


When you’re shooting your first round of videos that are probably going to suck (let’s be honest, makes life easier) just shoot them with the intention THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO’S GOING TO SEE THEM! That’s right, you’re shooting this first batch of videos for YOU to watch and critique yourself and you’re never going to publish them on YouTube or Facebook for the rest of the world to see. Phew! Takes some pressure off, right? Now you can focus on getting GOOD at video creation instead of having to push out your first few videos to the entire world, when you might not even LIKE those videos in the first place. This is called “Practicing in a low-pressure environment” and will make the process WAY more stress-free for you.


Of course critiquing your own videos in the beginning is a solid choice…but after you’ve done a few and you’re feeling more comfortable with the process…send those videos to your MENTOR to check out. They’ll be able to spot all the weak points you weren’t able to see earlier and give you simple and effective tips on how to improve the quality of your videos tenfold (IF they’re worth their salt). I will STILL send videos to my mentors and ask what I can improve on in these videos even though I’m totally comfortable on camera now…and each and every time I do it…it helps me improve DRASTICALLY.

Implement those 7 tips and you’ll be comfortable on camera in no time…and that’s when you get to rapidly grow your influence and start PRINTING these video digital assets that can consistently generate leads and sales for your business.

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Cheers to your YouTube success my friend.

Always remember those 7 secrets!

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