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The TRUTH? You made that post about how “This is YOUR year!” because you’re STILL more addicted to the dopamine spike that comes with telling people you’re GOING to do the work than the dopamine spike that comes with DOING THE WORK ITSELF.

You’re living in a land where it’s impossible to GROW anything, but you’ll continue to roll up your sleeves and play farmer, shouting from the rooftops that you’re THINKING about planting seeds this year WHEN THE TRUTH IS

You probably won’t do anything more than you did last year…


…you know how to ACTUALLY play farmer and tear up your problems from the ROOTS that are embedded so deep in the ground you can’t even imagine pulling them free at all.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs will enter 2020 DEVASTATED, making the same “New Year Resolutions” they set for 2019 and 2018 and 2017 etc. etc.

But why?

WHY is it so hard for entrepreneurs to change?

Why do 97%+ of businesses FAIL?

Why do the majority of business owners who are great people with great ideas STRUGGLE to even pay bills, letalone hit the income levels they see the GREATS in the industry hitting?

The truth is…

…they’re just caught in a period of their life right now where:


It’s the most dangerous place to be in ever.

And chances are…you LIVE THERE and if you’re honest with yourself…

…you’ve been living there for a VERY LONG TIME.


At least…not ENTIRELY.

The “Grind-Hustle-Hustle-Grind” entrepreneurs are the ones mostly responsible for plaguing our industry with making you think everything is a struggle and business & life are a war you have to wake up and gun up and fight against every day.

Ever heard of HARD work?

Do you PRIDE yourself on your HARD work?

PRIDE yourself on making everything HARD?

Because then you’re the hero of the story.

You’ve slayed your dragon!

You did it! You saved yourself!

Truth is…if I dig down DEEP enough…I used to LOVE being broke.

Used to LOVE struggling.

Used to LOVE the endless pain that came with an entrepreneurial journey where you don’t even know if you’re on the right path or not.

You know WHY I used to love the pain and why you CURRENTLY love the pain?

Because it’s the classic UNDERDOG STORY!

We make OURSELVES the underdog…

…by fucking up our situation and self-sabotaging…

…then we figure shit out AT THE LAST MINUTE and “Save The Day”…

…and then instead of just BUILDING FROM THERE…


…so we can LIVE THE UNDERDOG STORY once more.

Trippy, right?

I remember I used to be barely making any money and then at the end of the month bills Bills BILLS and ALL OF THE SUDDEN…

…I’d launch some little fly-by-night marketing campaign and make justtttttt enough money to cover everything so I could get by to the next month.

I was good.

And I was HAPPY that I could do this!

Let’s be honest…it’s good to know how to tap a few keys and make a Facebook post and pull in thousands of dollars that could bail me out of a bad situation.

I was STOKED that I now had this skill!

The “Save Myself” skill!

So…I kept putting myself in situations where I needed to SAVE MYSELF again and again so I could use my skill, sharpen my skill and make that skill a part of my life.

After all…that’s what we do with skills…

– We use them

– We sharpen them

– We make them a part of our everyday lives

But what if it’s a skill like THAT one?

A skill where I’m bailing myself out of trouble, and then just unconsciously putting myself BACK INTO TROUBLE AGAIN so I could live my “Underdog Story” on loop like every day is groundhog day?


What’s even MORE dangerous, is that most entrepreneurs don’t even have the “Save Themselves” skill.

Most entrepreneurs have the “Compile Information” skill.

They are good at buying every course out there.

They are good at knowing what EVERY guru in the industry is up to.

They are good at doing some pointless Google Hangout seventy times a week with their fellow entrepreneurs who are no better off than they are.

And they are good at attending the webinars and taking alllllllll the notes…

…but guess what?

They’re not good at EXECUTION.

Because they’re COMFORTABLE with their new skill of “Taking In Proper Knowledge”.

“Yea I used to be a piece of shit before, but now I’m into personal development! I know how to study from millionaires! I used to not be able to do this! I even say my affirmations!”

It gives them a high…a dopamine rush of sorts.


And it technically IS a skill…it’s being resourceful in a sense of the word…being able to find the right information and take notes on it and all that jazz.

But has THAT alone EVER gotten ANYBODY ANYWHERE?

The answer is a resounding NO!

They can’t take action because they’re TERRIFIED of what the “Next Level THEM” actually looks like once the action is consistently executed and the results are IN TO STAY.


Because they KNOW they’ve heard the successful say things like:

“It’s not all about LEARNING! It’s about EXECUTION!!!”


They used to NOT learn anything good or worthwhile that would benefit their lives…


They know how to buy the beneficial courses and attend the beneficial webinars and watch the beneficial YouTube videos.

They learned how to find sacred information they never knew existed before.


“That skill you have? Or finding the TOP INFORMATION in the world? Yea stop doing that and just go execute on a SLIVER of the information you already know and you’ll WIN!”

Hard to hear for most.

IMPOSSIBLE to execute for MANY.

Because their IDENTITY is there.

Their IDENTITY is wrapped around “The Entrepreneur Who’s Still Learning”

They have HOPE there.

“I’m going to make it someday”.

When the truth is…the version of themselves who EXECUTED wouldn’t NEED the identity of the underdog and wouldn’t NEED the hope because they’d just live in a constant state of success.

Sure that state would have bumps in the roads and hits you take, but in general the quality of business and life is just always going up up up if you’re on that road.

It’s the road most entrepreneurs will never walk.

Because they LOVE their identity of the “Entrepreneur Who’s COMING UP!”

The “THIS IS MY YEAR!” entrepreneur!

The “I’m missing the SECRET info so if I just buy this oneeeeee more thing I’ll have it! I’ll have uncovered the secret like a digital Indiana Jones!!!” entrepreneur.

You can spot them from a mile away.

Go on their Facebook profiles and look at the posts where they could have written something of value that they created THEMSELVES that would DIRECTLY translate into money…

…and instead see them recirculating cutesy personal development videos from famous successful people.

Tell them EXACTLY what to do and they’ll get high as fuck off the fact that they now have a MAP to follow…but they LOVE being the entrepreneur who’s starting from Point A and has to go alllllllll the way to the X on the map to “Get The Treasure”.

They love being ON the hunt instead of actually returning to camp with the meat in hand.

They could make it EASY…but being on the hunt is HARD…so they have to make it HARD.

Their identity as someone who’s successful would realize it’s EASIER to execute consistently and get results consistently…but they haven’t SURRENDERED to that identity yet.

They’re still playing in the identity of “Information Gatherer” “Hustler” “Grinder” “On My Way To The Top” “Underdog” and all the other identities that hold the vast majority of this industry back from ever achieving any REAL levels of success they desire.

To achieve the success they’re REALLY after…they’d have to kill off an entire identity they’re owning…and it’s one of the hardest things to let go of if you don’t know the way.

I’ve had to kill the “Starving Artist” part of myself I loved.

I had to kill the “Underdog Entrepreneur Who’s Abouttttttt To Make It” part of myself I loved.

I’ve had to kill the “Endless Information Gatherer” part of myself I loved.

And I’ve had to kill the “Grind-Hustle-Hustle-Grind” part of myself I loved.

All to make room for the version of myself who SURRENDERED to success and learned to ALLOW it to permeate my life by actually taking on the identity of the SUCCESSFUL version of myself who actually executed consistently on what I needed to execute on.

That was when everything changed for me.

But I had to KILL FOUR VERSIONS OF MYSELF to get there.

To make way for the fifth: the one who actually attains the desires I first see in my mind’s eye.

It wasn’t easy.

But the AWARENESS of these different versions of myself I was living gave me an insight into why I was making everything so hard when in reality…everything is so so easy.

SO much easier than we think.

Something that’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for the person who’s “Making Everything Hard” to even hear because…I remember when people would tell ME things were actually easy but it would fall on deaf ears.

I NEEDED things to be hard.

I NEEDED to be the entrepreneur who was “ABOUT TO MAKE IT” because that was all I KNEW!

I NEEDED to be the “STARVING ARTIST” because that was cool and edgy and set me apart from the crowd.

I NEEDED to be the “UNDERDOG WHO ALWAYS SAVES HIMSELF” because then I could prove my skills to myself AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

And I NEEDED to have a business that was “SICK” because whenever I was sick as a child…I got insane amounts of unconditional love in my direction from my parents.

You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes on the identities you’ve formed for yourself.

But it’s those very identities that are holding you back and sabotaging any chance of you reaching any REAL level of success you’re after.

You’re probably also clinging onto an identity where you don’t really even KNOW what you desire 100% yet because the version of you who KNOWS will be able to SEE THE MASSIVE GAP in between where you are…and where you desire to be.

So…the question running through your mind at a million miles an hour right now is:


And the reality is…it’s not an answer I can just type into a Facebook post here and you’re “Set For Life”.

It’s a constant process of RECOGNIZING what identities we’re forming around ourselves and then knowing the step-by-step process to break those identities down to make way for the new, empowering ones.

It’s about KNOWING how to STAY THE PATH and continue moving towards the NEW TRUE identities when the old ones do everything in their power and employ tricks you don’t even know you’re susceptible to in order to PULL YOU BACK.

And it’s about KNOWING how to not only step into the shoes of the version of yourself with that identity…but knowing how to LIVE THERE and not just drift back to how everything “Used to be” since that will initially be more comfortable for you.

Because this is a lot to cover, I put together SEVERAL modules in my course The Productivity Plan that cover this IN DEPTH so you always have something to refer back to time and time again whenever you need to catch yourself playing out one of these negative identities and quickly shift into the version of you LIVING in the POSITIVE ones.

If I hadn’t learned this material…I’d still be a mess.

I’d be a combination of a starving artist who just endlessly gathers information, tears my life down every month so I can build it right back up at the end and spins my wheels while hustle-grind-grind-hustling my face off to the point where I’m giving up EVERYTHING in my life to get the business results…while they slipped through my fingers like trying to hold water.

I’d be nowhere.

And now that I’m on my path…where I desire to be and just GROWING and SCALING everything from here vs. trying to REBUILD everything…I looked out at the marketplace and saw just how many entrepreneurs were OWNED by their negative FALSE identities, SLAVES to these identities, and I knew I had to help others break free like my mentors have helped ME break free.

That’s why I put the course together.

That’s why I don’t just say “Oh to be productive you just color code your post-it notes and clean your desk!”

We dig to the ROOTS.

We pull them UP.

And we create the SPACE for you to actually enter into that successful version of yourself that you’ve been DYING to step into for more years than you even consciously know.

So my question to you my friend:

Will you live this year and many years in the future through the lens of an identity that doesn’t serve you, and actually pulls you BACKWARDS?

Or will you take a deep sigh, know you’re worth it, push your shoulders back a little and COMMIT to becoming AWARE of these false identities and burning their houses to the fucking GROUND so that you can live the phoenix story and emerge from the flames as the TRUEST MOST POWERFUL version of yourself that actually makes your goals HAPPEN?

I know which side of the fence I’ll be on.

And I know which side of the fence my members from The Productivity Plan will be on.

The doors are open my friend…and I’m so excited to see who you become when you peel away the BS and step into the REAL YOU who’s not just READY for success…but lives success every day like it’s the norm at levels that would blow the previous version of yourself away.

Not “New Year New You”.

New Year REAL You.

Let’s get to work.

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