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The PAIN that comes with admitting you’re about to set New Years Resolutions that look eerilyyyyyy similar to the ones you had last year, the year before that and FIVE YEARS before that.

The CONFUSION that comes with LEARNING more and more every year, and seeing EVERYONE ELSE around you FAST-TRACK towards their most successful lives…but knowing you yourself are stuck in the mud NO MATTER WHAT you try to do. TODAY THAT ENDS.

You see…the sad TRUTH is that most entrepreneurs in the industry are going to do the same thing and write down their 2020 New Years Resolutions as the exact same ones they’re about to write down for us right here, right now, going into 2019.

The reason why?

They won’t even come close to hitting their goals by a FRACTION.

And they repeat the pattern year after year after year.

Nothing REALLY ever changes.

Well…it does for SOME.

A rare breed.

The SMALL SLIVER of entrepreneurs you see actually going out to the field and CRUSHING IT every day, hitting goals QUICKLY after they set them and actually making so much PROGRESS every year that they’re completely EMBARRASSED by the version of themselves they were the year before.

Because they’re GROWING.

REAL growth.

Not the fake kind of growth where “entrepreneurs” read a lot of books and do a lot of Google Hangouts with each other but at the end of the day/year…they still find themselves in the same place.

Simply put…they’re trying to ADD.

When they need to SUBTRACT.

Those who fail are trying to ADD on the latest and greatest success strategy that “they don’t have yet”.

Or they’re trying to ADD the “latest and greatest opportunity that will really do it for them!”

Or they’re trying to ADD “More strategies to my arsenal so I know more than I used to know!”

All EXTREMELY dangerous.

All keep the mind on what needs to be WELCOMED IN and not what needs to be TAKEN OUT INTO THE FIELD AND SHOT.

And what needs the bullet in between the eyes is your PRODUCTIVITY BLOCKS.

You have INNER PRODUCTIVITY BLOCKS that are within you and will GUARANTEE self sabotage EVERY TIME you try to reach for that next level.

And you have OUTER PRODUCTIVITY BLOCKS that are AROUND you externally, but transform your playing field into quicksand, so even if you were the best player in the game with the right equipment and skills, you’d still sink down and die.

The simple truth of the matter is…

Those who are outrageously successful have eliminated these INNER and OUTER productivity blocks that have been holding them back, so they can step into the version of themselves that would actually WELCOME in success without DESTROYING it.

And those who have NOT succeeded will NEVER succeed at any level that REALLY matters because they’re not even able to eliminate their productivity blocks…BECAUSE THEY CAN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE THAT THEY EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Think about it…

The person who knows their INNER productivity blocks…are they going to spend all their time trying to get to the latest and greatest events…or are they going to spend all their time ELIMINATING those productivity blocks so they can be a rockstar?

The person who knows their OUTER productivity blocks…are they going to spend all their time doing “Entrepreneurial Google Hangouts” with just ANYBODY…or will be they be reinvesting that same time into picking the weeds out of their social circle so they can thrive instead of being held back?

I remember back when my productivity blocks OWNED me.

And it felt like there was NOTHING I could do about them.

Truth be told…I didn’t even know what they WERE!

And it took me UNGODLY amounts of time, money, energy and going through situations you’d NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS desire for even your worst enemy to go through…but I was able to come out of the other side with clarity on what these blocks were that were holding me back.

Once I started to eliminate them one by one…things started changing.

I used to not be able to afford rent at the shitty places and now I’m in the cool places.

Millionaires used to not know my name and now they ask me to come hang out.

I used to scrape to make $10,000 in THREE months and now I have DAYS where I do that.

And I used to walk around on the brink of suicide and now can’t wipe the smile off my face.

It didn’t come from the latest and greatest strategy.

There was no piece of “Secret Wisdom” that I convinced a “Guru” to give to me.

Instead, I got so tired of knowing WHAT to do and knowing WHERE to go…but not DOING the thing and not GOING to the place.

I got so tired…I realized that this was BEYOND just strategy.

And STRATEGY is where most entrepreneurs stop.

They always want the NEXT one.

You KNOW if you just consistently APPLIED everything you already KNEW…that you’d do EXTREMELY well and blow your goals out of the water.

You know this.

You don’t need me to tell you.

The question we all try to answer then is…”Why do I know what to do…but I’m just not doing it?”

Productivity blocks.

Plain and simple.

They’ve been programmed into you at all different stages of your life and invisibly and silently THRASH any chances of success you could try to build for yourself.

They work AGAINST you…24/7/365.

And until you ELIMINATE them…you’ll keep treading water in an industry that drowns 99% of it’s entrepreneurs by the day…an industry that is only going to get more ruthless.

So my question to you my friend…

Will you enter this NEW YEAR with the same productivity blocks you entered LAST YEAR with?

Will you make alllllllllll the investments in 2019 but not make the BIGGEST INVESTMENT OF ALL…the one where you invest in actually ELIMINATING your inner productivity blocks so you can move towards your goals and actually ACCOMPLISH them?

Will you hustle-grind-grind-hustle and brag about it to your other hustle grinder friends who just work their entire lives away because they didn’t figure out that by eliminating your productivity blocks…you can actually work LESS and make MORE?

And will you end 2019 coming into 2020 with nothing new built, basically the same mindset, a smaller bank account, about a zillion more stressful hours worked but at the end of the day…nothing to really show for it?

Because that my friend…that’s not living.

That’s not LIFE.

And that’s not why you got into this game in the first place.

Instead…here are the questions to ask:

What if you could IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE those productivity blocks BEFORE the new year started so you can step into the most productive version of yourself EVER?

What if just ONE of those blocks you didn’t even know about was making business 90% HARDER than it needed to be, and eliminating just that ONE block for you could change your business success in the blink of an eye?

What if you suddenly REALIZED why you’d been self-sabotaging your results for all these years in a row simply because you saw some productivity blocks you were holding go of, and the mere recognition of them allowed you to RELEASE them so you could WELCOME crazy new levels of success?

Because the way things work my friend…

Is that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS changing.

There’s no “You staying still and repeating the same results over and over.”

It’s actually a slow death you’re dying day after day, just choosing your favorite numbing agent so that the whole thing doesn’t feel AS bad.

When the reality is…you KNOW you could do better.

You know it in your heart.

And you know it in your soul.

What you’re not 100% sure of is WHAT is holding you back specifically.

You’ve thought it was THIS or THAT over the years, but when you peered behind the curtain, you found that those were just SURFACE ANSWERS and you never really got to the ROOTS.

Identifying and eliminating your productivity blocks is getting to the ROOTS.

PULLING THEM UP so that no more WEEDS grow in your garden.

And then being able to actually nurture the garden that is YOU so you can produce whatever fruits (results) you desire in life.

Dedicate not to the superficial “Strategy Of The Week That Will Definitely Fix You.”

Dedicate instead to IDENTIFYING and ELIMINATING those productivity blocks so you can actually go out there and LIVE YOUR LIFE and run a business that supports you every step of the way.

After all my friend…you deserve it.

So will you step up and OWN 2019 and make it YOURS?

Or will you let it TAKE YOU like all the other years have and end it burnt out and just a little more bitter than you were the year before?

The choice is always yours my friend.

Make the right one.

P.S. If you’d like to see the DOZEN productivity blocks I’ve been able to identify and eliminate within myself, I put ALL my information on the topic into ONE COURSE that’s very easy to digest and even easier to take action on.


By the time you’re finished with this course you’ll not only KNOW what your INNER and OUTER productivity blocks are that have been holding you back for so long…but you’ll also have started the process of ELIMINATING THEM FOR GOOD.

And REMEMBER…the IDEAL VERSION OF YOURSELF does not HAVE these productivity blocks.

That IDEAL VERSION of yourself has taken the time to identify and eliminate them.

So my question for YOU is:

Will you step into that IDEAL SELF and make the DECISIONS that ideal self would make, the decisions that can eliminate what’s holding you back and set you on a path of abundance here and going forward?

Or will you slink back to what the weaker version of yourself will try to go for by default, not wanting to face the harsh truths of what’s holding you back because it’s better to stay comfortable…even though that comfort zone becomes a death trap faster than you can blink?

You know the right decision to make my friend.

And you know your life would be better without that which holds you back.

So here’s what to do right now:

Click the button below to get access to The Productivity Plan.

I’ll get you instant access to the FULL course and we’ll also have a conversation about what you feel is holding you back so we can make sure to launch you forward in ways you could never have even imagined.

Looking forward to your journey my friend.

And looking forward even more to receiving that message from you letting me know just how much your life has changed after eliminating just ONE of your productivity blocks.

Imagine what will happen when you eliminate ALL of them 😉

Looking forward to your message.

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