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Because youve spent all your time CONSCIOUSLY thinking about how sunshine and rainbows everything would be if you GOT that goal…while your SUBCONSCIOUS has been thinking about all the BAGGAGE that will come with it, that youre not even AWARE of yet.
Hitting your goals can be the worst thing thats ever happened to you because
Now youre not YOU anymore.
Well…not the version of YOU that youre used to.
Youll become a version who all of the sudden put the previous version to shame.
A version who is BETTER than the old version.
And we dont like being BETTER than other people, do we?
Thats not what our parents taught us after all.
(Even if that other person is just a PREVIOUS VERSION OF YOU).
And WITH stepping into that new version of yourself…
…the one hitting ALL the goals…
…youll also be EMBARRASSED.
Itll make you embarrassed each and every time you look back at who you USED to be, compared to who you are now.
And NOBODY likes to be embarrassed.
Maybe youll feel some DISAPPOINTMENT for taking so LONG to step into this version of yourself…since change happens in an INSTANT after all.
Nobody likes to feel disappointment.
Or to disappoint THEMSELVES.
Dont forget that to step into the new goal-hitting version of yourself, youll have to step OUT of your comfort zone where everything is warm and cozy and amazing.
Unfortunately, thats the place we like to stay in the most.
What about you being someone who ABANDONS people…since youre going to have to change your associations on the way to the top?
Who would want to be the person who ABANDONS people?
Be sure to remember that youll need to CONFRONT the version of you who is not doing what you know you NEED to be doing…and is DOING things you know you need to STOP doing.
Who wants confrontation?
Who wants to ADMIT FAULT?
Who wants to ADMIT theyve been at fault FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME?
Oh and you have to consider the added RESPONSIBILITY.
You know, the responsibility that the New You is going to be PILING ON THEIR BACK and carrying with them through life in order to receive the new success theyre after.
Theres the whole Killing Yourself part too.
Or at least…killing off the version of you that was NOT successful so the SUCCESSFUL version could rock out the Phoenix story and rise from your ashes.
Most people dont want to kill themselves.
Loss of love?
Thats there too…after all…if you suddenly outdo your parents on the success scale times a billion…is there a chance that they wouldnt fully ACCEPT the new you, tell you that youre Working too HARD and you take it as a loss of love?
Who would want to lose love from those that love them the most?
Sooooo many people will SEE YOU when you start to succeed in the world of business.
Not just like youre speaking on stage to a few hundred people in a room.
Imagine opening up yourself to the WORLD.
BILLIONS of people.
Being seen by them all.
Who wants to be SEEN by that many people?
You could FAIL and they would ALL see.
More people could become HATERS than the amount of people you currently even KNOW!
Who wants the public embarrassments?
Who wants the haters?
Who wants the PRESSURE?
You know who DOESNT want all that?
Who DOESNT want EVERYTHING Ive mentioned in this post?
The version of YOU that keeps you where you are.
The version of you that maybe lets you learn a bit more every year, feel like youre Making Progress every year…but at the end of the year its the version that sighs a sigh of relief looking at ALL YOUR RESULTS and KNOWING that theyre abouttttttt the same as all the previous years before.
Its done its job.
Its kept you safe.
And look at how many THINGS it kept you safe FROM!
It kept you safe from:
– Pressure
– Haters
– Losing love
– Public fails
– Embarrassment
– Leaving your comfort zone
– Admitting fault
– Killing a version of yourself
– Added responsibility
And the list grows and grows and grows.
Unfortunately, what will NOT grow is your RESULTS and QUALITY OF LIFE if you dont understand that this list is THERE and how it OWNS YOU.
Those who can SEE the list will know the ILLUSION that it is.
Those who CANNOT SEE the list will be pulled Back To Baseline by it year after year.
Your CONSCIOUS mind likes to think about the fat bank accounts, constant testimonials, options, choices, toys, experiences and all the other good things that will come with you getting your shit together and experiencing MASSIVE success.
Your SUBCONSCIOUS mind LOVES that you DONT have your shit together because it knows without a shadow of a doubt that ALL THIS STUFF I mentioned earlier is 100% BOUND to come up when you DO experience success.
And even though its MORE than a worthy tradeoff for success…
…your subconscious mind doesnt see it that way.
Because all that mind cares about it keeping you ALIVE.
And theres a lot of stuff that comes WITH success that LOOKS LIKE its going to kill you.
Even though we CONSCIOUSLY know it wont.
Recognize this part of yourself.
Honor it.
Thank it for being there and working to protect you.
Have no self-judgement for that part of you existing.
It will ALWAYS exist.
Its just when you learn to OWN it and work WITH it instead of AGAINST it that youll stop the self-sabotage and get what it is that you desire faster than you ever thought possible.
Thats my wish for you in 2019…
…so that when you look at the start of 2020…
…you dont make a list of all the goals you WANTED to accomplish in 2019 but DIDNT…
…but instead have to sit down because you made THIS YEAR THE YEAR you stopped letting your subconscious mind 100% run the show and you actually showed it that the most dangerous thing wasnt in GETTING what you desire…but in NOT getting it.
Thatll make for one hell of a year my friend.
Are you ready to start LIVING it?
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