How To Start A Business With No Money, Capital Or Credit (The 3 Rules)

How To Start A Business With No Money, Capital Or Credit (The 3 Rules)

No money? No worries. You can still start a highly profitable business.
Look, there’s TONS of different types of businesses you can start.
But there are some that REQUIRE money to get rolling and some that, well…don’t.
I’m going to show you what it takes to start a business with no money, no capital and no credit so that you can GET yourself some money (without spending any) that you can use to fund your lifestyle, invest into future businesses and even buy outrageous amounts of guacamole with.
There are 3 VERY important things you need to know if you want to start a business without a pocketful of cash, and these 3 things will make or break you so listen up.
I’m going to go over them in order and even show you some business models at the end you can begin with that don’t require capital but DEFINITELY require these 3 things, so it’s critical that you know what they are.
Ready to roll? I am. So let’s begin.
There’s no way around this.
If you’re getting into the game of business, you’re going to need skills. Some might even say “Mad Skills” as Napoleon Dynamite eluded to in the movie, although we’re not going to tell you to go learn computer hacking or learning how to throw ninja stars.
Actually, not that I’ve mentioned those two, they actually sound a lot more exciting than what I teach so I might just throw all this away and dive into THOSE industries.
Anyway, you’re going to need a skill because a skill can be traded for money.
And if you try to navigate the dark and violent waters of business WITHOUT skills, you’re going to get eaten by the sharks that have already been swimming there.
The cool thing about skills is that if people know you can deliver, they don’t really care about anything else.
You could have purple skin, have dropped out of college because of a meth addiction and live in your mom’s basement and if you have skills…people will hire for those skills.
Just make sure you don’t have a shit personality because that will make the whole “Getting Hired” thing much harder.
I have lots of skills now (Napoleon Dynamite voice) but I started off with ONE: graphic design.
When I was a kid, I always loved to draw stuff and make comics and whatnot and one day I discovered the almighty PHOTOSHOP.
My friend Sam who lived down the street from me called me up in a frenzy and said something to the effect of “DUDE! You’ve got to get down to my house RIGHT NOW! I just found the coolest thing EVER!”
So like all good teenagers, I threw my homework down, grabbed my skateboard and booked it to my friend’s house.
Little did I know my life would be changed FOREVER after that.
He showed me the “Liquify” tool in Adobe Photoshop, where you essentially load up a photo in the app and then can click and drag your mouse all around it to turn it into a trippy-looking tye-dye mess.
I was looking at it like how you look at the first girl you see naked: eyes wide and jaw on the floor.
The funny thing was I thought that was ALL that Photoshop DID.
I rushed home and immediately secured a copy of Adobe Photoshop by some less-than-legal means since it was a few hundred bucks and I was rocking that teenager savings account of approximately $0.
Long story short, I discovered that Photoshop did a LOT more than just blur trees into cool tye-dye images.
I figured out I could create all sorts of graphics in it…and it wasn’t too much longer until I figured out that graphics were HIGHLY in demand.
In fact, there were zillions of dollars being spent on them all the time.
That’s right, zillions.
A totally real number that can help you afford all the champagne and mini-giraffes you could ask for.
I found a site called “99 Designs” where a business owner would say they needed a logo, offer a hundred bucks or a few hundred bucks for the design and then a bunch of graphic designers would fight over it like dogs and cats until a winner was chosen and the owner of the contest paid the winner.
The first logo I ever did on the site was for a little real estate company in Tallahassee Florida.
I got paid $100 for the logo when I was just 15 years old and it was my first professional gig.
I was hooked.
I would go on to win dozens of contests on the site before discovering Facebook where I could reach out to entrepreneurs with ONLINE businesses DIRECTLY and work for them without worrying about any other designers winning the prize money after putting in lots of hard work.
I learned that owners of ONLINE businesses usually needed more designs than owners of OFFLINE businesses because they were always launching something, so I quickly learned how to sell to business owners over Facebook messenger and have since pulled hundreds of thousands of dollars from just 1-on-1 conversations I had on Facebook messenger selling all kinds of things from services to digital products over the years.
That was where another skill had to be born: Selling.
But there was ALSO the skill of getting people to message me in the first place: Copywriting.
My posts I made that were selling my services had to be good.
But I couldn’t JUST be selling in my posts, I had to learn ANOTHER skill: Providing Value.
My point is, as you grow, you’re going to have to develop more skills just to stay in the game. That’s just the way it is.
If you try to just stick to one, you’re dead in the water.
The best entrepreneurs have a LOT…even if they’re not willing to admit it.
So you can definitely start a business without money but you’re going to need a SKILL you can sell…and the “Selling It” part is a skill in itself so you’ll really need to kick off with that too.
In fact, what I’d recommend is getting some kind of skill you can sell like graphic design, SEO, funnel building, running paid ads, etc. and then also building the skills of selling and copywriting so you can ALWAYS sell that skill to others.
When you scale too fast and things start to break, the cool thing is you can start using those skills for your OWN assets (running ads for affiliate offers, building your own SEO sites, etc.) and you’ll be good to go on not needing to rely on clients for every dollar that comes into your bank account.
While you’re at it, study productivity and time management. I consider those VITAL skills that will make or break you on the other ones, but they’re often very ignored by most entrepreneurs…which is why it’s no surprise that most entrepreneurs fail in an epic manner before they create even a shred of success for themselves.
So you’re good at something…big deal.
It doesn’t matter.
At least…not if you don’t have anyone around to SELL that something to.
When you have a skill you’re going to need to get in front of people who NEED that skill and are willing to part from their hard-earned cash in order to get it.
I’d love to tell you to run paid advertising, and you should, but if you’re this deep into a post about how to start a business with no money then you probably don’t have an extra $10K lying around to start advertising with so let’s focus on some free traffic-generation strategies to get your first customers in the door.
I started by entering a BIG marketplace where there was already a lot of traffic flowing and that was the “99 Designs” website I told you about.
That site is still around today and it has TONS of businesses hitting it looking for WORK and even more designers hitting it looking to DO the work.
It has it’s pros and it’s cons.
The big pro for me was that the work was RIGHT THERE.
I could enter a contest for free and if I beat everyone, I got paid.
The con was that I was ALWAYS competing with a bunch of other people to get my bread, which is the nature of the beast for contest-oriented sites like that one.
EVERYTHING changed for me when I started actually using Facebook for business instead of posting my highly controversial drinking photos as most do.
I realized that EVERYONE was on Facebook, and that meant business owners.
The only problem was…my profile looked terrible and I wasn’t connected to ANY of them.
I was only connected to other teenagers my age who also had no pot to piss in, so they certainly weren’t going to be throwing fistfuls of money in my direction anytime soon.
I had to change something, and that meant changing my image, changing the types of people I connected with and also changing the kinds of posts I was creating on there.
So that’s what I did.
I changed the picture of me drinking shirtless (classy, right?) to one where I actually looked like a decent member of society.
I started to delete all the embarrassing pictures of myself I had polluting the profile before eventually just nuking it completely and starting a new one from scratch.
I’m not saying that’s the move you have to make but if you have too much damage to undo…might as well.
With the new profile I uploaded only the photos of me that showed me in a positive, sometimes professional light and I began my journey of building up my Facebook profile from scratch.
When you find a few online entrepreneurs on Facebook, you can find ALL of them.
I simply started adding a few and sending them some messages about how I liked their free YouTube videos they were putting out or enjoyed whatever digital product I bought from them.
Entrepreneurs face a lot of stress every day so getting compliments is something they look forward to and it can paint you as someone who they like hearing from and separate you from the masses that they don’t want contacting them with stupid comments and requests.
I realized also that entrepreneurs, myself included are very much in the “What’s In It For Me?” club, which changed the kind of content I created from RANDOM content to content with a PURPOSE…content with VALUE.
The value is what hooks them in.
You wouldn’t still be here reading this if you didn’t find this post valuable.
And if I did enough non-valuable posts in a row…you’d be gone forever…off to find ANOTHER entrepreneur who could deliver the goods.
Don’t hate that this is how the game is played.
Just play it well.
So I learned to play it well.
After all, I had a big mission of starting a business without any money in hand, so I knew I was going to have to do something to stand out.
So I began to share value. I shared what books I was reading that were helping me.
If I watched a solid video on YouTube about personal development or business and it gave me some kind of benefit…I shared the resource and how I benefited from it out to my Facebook audience.
Whenever I came up with solutions to problems or felt like I had something to share that would help others, I posted that kind of stuff too.
And in between ALL of it…I made sales pitches.
In fact, I learned that I didn’t have to make posts that were either JUST value posts or JUST sales posts, but that I could actually add a call to action at the end of my value posts and then also make posts that were JUST the call to action and they would balance each other out.
So in the pitch part, I’d talk about how important graphic design was for businesses.
I’d show them how their competitors had designs that were making them all this money and how if they didn’t have designs that were BETTER than the competition…they’d lose marketshare to them.
I showed examples of the designs I was creating and the portfolio I was producing and after a while a funny thing started to happen…
I started getting messages from entrepreneurs asking if I could do XYZ design for them.
“Hey I like your portfolio. I need my website designed. Can you do it for me?”
Just like that.
No design contest to enter.
No hoard of other designers to compete with over the first project.
Just valuable posts and sales posts combining into a sweet spot that had clients reaching out to ME…but that was after I added THEM to my profile of course.
Oh and the way to add people is to just join a few entrepreneur groups and click that “Add Friend” button next to the names of entrepreneurs in there.
Simple stuff.
I now had the skill of graphic design and was building up the skillsets of selling, copywriting and even social media marketing so I could sell that ORIGINAL skill of graphic design.
Like I said, as you start swimming in these business waters, there’s going to be LOTS of skills you’ll need and you’ll either build them up over time or you’ll sink and get eaten by the sharks.
Remember, you don’t have to learn them ALL at once.
Start with one skill you can sell and then get the skill of selling itself down so you can MOVE that skill in the marketplace.
And as Uncle G would say “Keep Your Pipeline Full” so you always have fresh prospects coming in that you can sell to.
Without that part, you’re just another skilled person without anyone knowing and certainly without anyone paying you for it.
Learning how to actually sell the skill is just as important as having the skill itself…if not more.
Look…I get it. If you’re searching for something like how to start a business with no money, you might not have two dimes to rub together just starting out.
I was there too. I just showed you how to can get a skill for free and start selling that skill for free…essentially pulling money out of thin air like some kind of entrepreneurial magician.
But you have to face the cold, hard truth of the business world: eventually, you will need money…and LOTS of it.
If you think you can ALWAYS run a business without having any money…you’re nuts.
The truth is far from that.
As you grow…there will be things you need to spend money on.
Maybe it’s time for you to stop explaining your services to every single person that asks you about them and so you build a sales funnel that explains the service FOR you and saves you time.
That costs money.
Maybe you are tired of sending your designs or example links in every single 1-on-1 conversation you’re having with a prospect so you want to get a website built that showcases your entire portfolio so potential clients can see everything all at once.
That costs money.
Hell, just COLLECTING the money is going to cost money because when you send that invoice over PayPal for the first time…they’re going to take their cut too.
The business world costs money.
That doesn’t mean you can’t run a lean & mean business…but the truth is…you’ll eventually need more and more money as you go.
The reason for this?
You’re going to want more time freedom as you go…and you can buy time freedom with money.
As you start to scale up you’ll be adding additional tools to your tool belt and paying skilled people to help you handle the work that you don’t want to do yourself.
At first you’ll be doing EVERYTHING by yourself, but as time goes on, there will be certain activities that are called “High-Leverage” activities that make a LOT of money and you actually enjoy doing them…and there will be “Minimum Wage Activities” that you don’t enjoy so much and are not directly tied bringing in that next sale…but still need to be done so the business doesn’t break.
You come into the game wearing EVERY hat yourself but you eventually start handing hats off to software and teammates if you’re SMART.
Trust me, it’s dumb to try to do everything yourself after a while.
It’s a recipe for burnout and hitting a glass ceiling you’ll never break through until you begin to let go of control of things like doing everything yourself, never spending money, etc.
In fact, just looking in front of me here I see a list of two dozen items I need to purchase for my business THIS WEEK including renewing my website hosting so my website stays up, renewing my email autoresponder service so I can send emails to my list, renewing my video hosting account so my videos play in my members area, buying a new external hard-drive since I built too many files for the current one, and on and on and on.
I no longer resent the ever-growing list of expenses in my business.
I welcome them and I increase my income to match them.
But I want you to have a clear understanding that the game will EVENTUALLY cost money, even if you can get away right now with not spending any and just selling services you deliver yourself to clients you find yourself via a free Facebook profile.
If you have the mentality that you never want to spend money ever in business, then I hope you got value from this post but it’s probably the last post of mine you should ever read so I wish you well.
But if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves now and follow that formula while you don’t have a big bag of bread to invest in your business but you’re willing to later because you’re a “Whatever It Takes” kind of person…then you and I will get along just fine and my future posts will act as the catalyst for your success.
Money is a part of the game…making it AND investing it.
Embrace it.
Don’t fight it.

If you got value from this post, share it on Facebook so you can be the one who delivers some value to YOUR audience and helps them out in the process.

Also be sure to click the banner below and register for my free online workshop about how to leverage YOUTUBE to be able to make as much money as you want to with your online business.

The cool thing about YouTube is that it’s free and you can literally make money on it without spending a dime and repeat the process over and over as many times as you’d like.

This post is already long so I can’t explain it in depth here but if you click that banner I’ll get you access to a free guide and online training workshop that explain the whole thing…and guess what…they’re both free to attend too.

See you on there my friend, and cheers to the start of your online business journey.

I hope it’s a great one.

How To Find A Mentor In Business And Life (3 Tips You NEED To Know)

How To Find A Mentor In Business And Life (3 Tips You NEED To Know)

I’m sure you’ve heard before that there’s “No Shortcut To Success” but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The REALITY is if you learn how to find a mentor in business, you’ll be well on your way to making MASSIVE progress in a very short period of time that would have otherwise taken you a MASSIVE amount of time on your own.

The entrepreneurship game is not an easy one, no matter how many flash-in-the-pan “Gurus” tell you it might be.

how to find a mentor

It can often be a long and difficult road and having someone guide you down that road is CRITICAL if you want to succeed.

This post will show you how to find a mentor, how to make sure you find the RIGHT mentor and what kinds of questions you should be asking your mentor so you can get the most from the relationship you have with them.

More importantly, it’s going to show you how to avoid the WRONG mentor, which can result in you losing all kinds of money (and your sanity) if you go about this the wrong way.

A good mentor can help you whether you’re brand new to the game and want to know how to start a business with no money or whether you’re just ready to kick the results up a notch.

Kick back, grab some chips and guacamole, and we’ll get into exactly what YOU need to know to hit your goals 100X faster by welcoming a rockstar mentor in your life that can help you get there.

How To Find A Mentor

The first thing I did on the path to finding my own mentor was keeping my eyes open for who was doing well in my industry.

I run several different businesses but my main one is selling digital courses that teach entrepreneurs how to market their businesses more effectively, so my first goal was to find someone who was already selling products like that but at a MUCH higher level.

While I was doing just shy of 6-figures a year selling digital products through what seemed like the biggest grind of my life, I met someone who was doing 8-figures (over $10,000,000+) every year selling digital products and seeming to do it easier than I was.

That person became my mentor.

I had first connected with them over Facebook, a popular social networking site most people use WRONG that a lot of entrepreneurs use RIGHT.

Most people go onto Facebook and get totally distracted and just like their friend’s vacation photos all day but entrepreneurs go there to connect with each other and work deals with each other.

You might think LinkedIn is a better place for that, but right now the message folders in LinkedIn are always stuffed with spam from the next Joe Schmo who wants you to sell you his social media marketing services, so Facebook can actually be a great place to find a mentor.

how to find a mentor on linkedin

My Facebook Rolodex consisted of DOZENS of millionaires and countless people breaking the 6-figure mark by the time I was finished putting it together and the coolest part was that most of them would respond to you same-day, if not same-hour.

When you start building up your Rolodex of entrepreneurs on Facebook, you’ll meet the entrepreneurs THEY are connected to and the ones THEY learn from.

If you keep your eyes open, it won’t be too hard to spot the big fish from the little ones, and the big fish are the ones that mentor you.

But not ALL of them will be a good fit for becoming your mentor. We’ll talk in a little bit about how to find the RIGHT mentor for you because you can’t just pick anybody.

I just wanted to let you know Facebook will be a good place to start.

What Mentors Look For In Mentees

Now obviously, if someone is making millions of dollars a year and I’m a little small fish and want to learn from them…I can’t just waltz into their life and siphon off a chunk of their valuable time for nothing in return.

There are two ways to get in with a good mentor and that’s giving them TIME or giving them MONEY.

Personally, I’ve gotten in with several good mentors in the past by giving them my TIME and now that I have some money I’m reinvesting a piece of it into good mentors to expand my results even further.

For example, I have my eye on a $6,000 course & coaching program I’m about to join after I wrap up a few open loops in my business and that’s CHEAP compared to some of the $25,000+ per year masterminds people join to get the very best mentorship out there.

NOTE: Just because a mastermind circle has a high price tag on it does NOT mean it’s a good one. I’ve had people tell me a $997 course I sell was better than a $10,000 mastermind they’ve attended. You need to be careful when spending that amount of money on a mentor and be VERY sold on them if you’re making an investment like that.

So let’s say you don’t have bags of money and want to get in with a mentor…

That’s where you get in with TIME.

Remember how I said you can find a mentor on Facebook?

The first part of the TIME equation is that you start to hone in your skills on your own and provide value on your Facebook feed to your audience that you’re slowly but surely building.

This does a few things…

For one, when you start providing value and people start following, you can easily tie that back into you making money with it if you read other posts on our blog that show you how.

Second, it makes you STAND OUT from the other entrepreneurs on Facebook that mentor is connected with and they start to see you as a person of VALUE.

If they see you as a person of VALUE and recognize that you have SKILLS and WORK ETHIC…that’s the magical combination for you being able to get into their sphere of influence without you having to hand over your life savings to them.

Not that there’s anything wrong with investing in a mentor, but if you don’t have the money to invest you’re going to go with the TIME investment route.

And with THAT route…you’re going to be working for them.

Possibly for free. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve often given potential mentors I wanted to work with free gifts that would help them out in their businesses.

Liking, commenting and sharing their posts so they make more sales from the post is the easiest little gift you can give them and gets you on their radar.

I just had one mentor I’m getting in a circle with and I wrote a whole review post for the main product he sells AND ranked a YouTube video for the product saying nice things about it.

I’ve made free 2-minute viral-style Instagram videos for mentors and written up Google docs with some advice on how they could implement a strategy I knew about but knew THEY weren’t implementing, to make it easier for them to start.

I had another person I’m working to get “In” with who I just sent some free graphics to for his YouTube channel and also sent over a Google doc about some mistakes his team made on the channel he could fix to make more money from it.

I’m never opposed to the GIVE first in order to GET in the circle of a good mentor.

Think about it: They make MILLIONS of dollars and 99% of people that reach out to them are asking them for a handout or to mentor them for free or some other crap like that.

They see a message from me and it’s some free gifts that are actually useful and can help boost their bottom line TOMORROW.

Which person are they more likely to pay attention to?

It gets me ON their radar as they’re swatting endless amounts of other people OFF their radar each and every day.

And the best part is…it’s not even that hard to do.

Remember, if they see you as someone who is VALUABLE and has SKILLS and WORK ETHIC, they’ll want to be around you because that’s what they look for in ANYONE at ANY level.

If they see you applied some of that work ethic and skill to give THEM a free gift that will help them when you didn’t have to…it’s game on.

can't I just be my own mentor?

Can’t I Just Be My Own Mentor?

Lots of people ask if they can just mentor themselves and the truth is that yes you can, but it’s going to be way harder and take you WAY longer.

You’ll also end up doing a TON of stupid stuff along the way and you might think it’s good to do that stupid stuff because you learned from it…but wouldn’t it be better to just SKIP the hurdles and get right to the RESULTS part?

A mentor can tell you LITTLE things that will save you BIG pain in the future if you listen to them.

For example, I have 7 different info-products right now at the time of me writing this.

I remember one day I was at my mentor’s house and he wanted to help me get to $100,000+ per month so he grabbed a marker and took me to his whiteboard and asked me what my CURRENT plan was for how to get there.

“I’m about to build a full-blown sales page AND an evergreen webinar funnel for each of the 7 products.” I started to tell him.

He smiled and turned to one of the members of his team.

“How many funnels do we use to make over ten million dollars a year?” he asked the team member.

“One.” the team member responded.

He then drew out a funnel where I’d have an evergreen webinar selling ONE of my products on the front-end and then getting on the phone with people and selling them the REST of my products on the back end.

And I would just need to build one phone script instead of building SIX more sales pages and SIX more webinars since I already had the front-end stuff built.

Talk about saving me a lot of time and effort!

It was a better system too, and that’s why mentors are so valuable to you and your success.

I was about to spend MONTHS executing a system that was not nearly as powerful as the one he drew out for me over the course of a 15-minute period of time.

Had I just been “Mentoring Myself” sure I would have made money with building all those systems, but at what cost?

I wouldn’t have the BIG system build (the one that had made HIM tens of millions of dollars) and I would have spent MONTHS on something I could have spent a few weeks on to get a WORSE result with MORE work invested.

Mentors can save you from yourself, and that’s an important thing to know.

We can be 100% sold on a plan being EXACTLY the right thing to do, only to have someone with more experience come in and show us in .02 seconds why that’s the wrong plan entirely.

Better yet, they correct you and hand you the right plan and then you’re off to the races.

what qualifies someone to be a mentor

What Qualifies Someone To Be A Mentor?

Now here’s the thing: There are lots of people out there offering mentorship who absolutely SUCK as mentors.

(Trust me, I’ve run into a few of these that I’ve personally worked with and it doesn’t turn out pretty.)

Just because someone makes a lot of money does NOT mean they’re automatically going to be an amazing mentor for you, even if they openly offer mentoring services.

Lots of entrepreneurs make the fateful mistake of handing over their hard-earned money to whoever they see that’s making good money, and they assume that because that person has made a few bucks that they’ll be an amazing mentor to them and take them to the promised land.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Out of ALL the people who make a lot of money, only a small amount will be good fits to be YOUR mentor, and we’ll talk about why in just a second.

But know this: Just because someone is GOOD at making money does NOT mean they are good at teaching OTHER people how to make that money.

This is critical and something you MUST understand.

We assume that because someone is rich that it would be easy for them to teach us how to get rich, but there are lots of rich people who can’t communicate what they do in a way you can replicate it.

This is especially important to look out for, so keep your eyes WIDE because you need to find someone who’s making money AND someone who can teach YOU how to make it too, and without both, you’re hosed.

3 Things To Look Out For

I’ve identified 3 big things you need to look out for while you’re wondering how to find a mentor and these 3 will serve you big time.

Find the RIGHT mentor and you can be getting results crazier than you’ve ever expected in a time period shorter than you ever thought possible.

Find the WRONG mentor and you can waste YEARS of your life and come out of the situation more financially broken than you were when you got in.

It’s THAT important.

So, what are the big 3 you need to look for when finding a mentor?

Here they are:

1 – Make Sure You Resonate With Their Technique

Lots of people make lots of money but they make their money in DIFFERENT WAYS.

You need to find a way YOU actually like that you could see yourself jumping out of bed to do every morning.

Some people make millions of dollars trading stocks.

Would looking at all the lines and charts and numbers on the screen EXCITE you or did your inner artist just shudder at the thought of so much analysis?

Some people hit the phones and make millions of dollars a year with sales calls.

Are you the “HAND ME THE LEADS AND I’LL CLOSE EM’ DOWN!” type of person or do you resonate more with the “Underground Introvert” tactics like running profitable websites that pull in money without you having to personally talk to a soul?

You don’t have to pick just ONE way to make money for the rest of your life but you should definitely have your MAIN ways in place and know what you like vs. what you don’t like.

For example, I love making products. I love shooting videos. I love writing. I love SEO. And I’m just now diving into the world of paid ads and I love that too.

My main mentor loves making info-products and he loves ads so I learn a lot about both of those from him.

He doesn’t necessarily love writing and SEO, so I have a different mentor for THAT part.

My main mentor knows how to CRUSH sales calls and has made lots of money doing sales calls in the past…but now he has people on his team doing his sales calls for him trained on his strategy since he doesn’t want to do them himself anymore.

For my business, I still do them myself but as soon as I get maxed, guess what I’ll be doing?

I’ll be getting people on a sales team to do the calls for me, following the EXACT same method my mentor is using to still get results with sales calls without actually doing them.

You MUST find someone who runs a technique you can resonate with or your heart won’t be in it and you won’t stick in it long enough to get good at it.

That part is absolutely critical.

2 – Make Sure They Have Case Studies

I know of people who are on Facebook right now lying about how they made $200,000 in a week while in reality, they didn’t make a dime and actually just lost their house.

Lots of people say LOTS of things about results they get…but few people can back them up.

It’s a big red flag when someone is bragging about the results THEY are getting without posting proof that those results are coming in.

It’s an even BIGGER red flag when they don’t have any testimonials from anyone who’s actually implementing their strategies and actually producing real-time results with them.

They might have fluffy testimonials in the category of “Their training made me FEEL good” nature but if it’s not testimonials about money-in-the-bank results…it doesn’t matter.

You want to find someone who has case-study after case-study of people actually getting specific business-growth results and making specific amounts of money.

For example, my mentor has a TON of testimonials and one is from someone saying they were able to replace their multiple six-figure per year job with online advertising following his strategies, and another person said they made over a million dollars with his strategies.

For me, I have one student who was able to achieve 8/10 rankings on Page 1 of Google in a single day and I have another student who implemented my advice and made $15,000 and put some of it towards buying his dream car.

Obviously, my mentor has produced better testimonial stories than I have but I’m working my way up and my testimonials are no longer about people who “Feel Good” when they go through my products, but people getting actual results.

I’m not saying this to try to become your mentor, but I’m saying this because you need to look for the SPECIFIC results a mentor has helped LOTS of different people get instead of just vague generalities that anyone can produce whether they’re credible or not.

And that brings us to Point 3:

3 – Verify They’re CURRENTLY Getting Results

The internet marketing industry can be a vicious one…and there are a lot of “Has-Beens” out there who made a few bucks YEARS ago that still leverage that fact to trick people into getting “Mentored” by them today.

The problem is…they have no clue how to make money in TODAY’S market.

Well…minus exploiting loopholes in the human psyche and promising to mentor them to riches, which will ALWAYS be “In”.

You need to find a mentor who’s getting results NOW.

Like “New Leads “New Sales” types of results, this MONTH, this WEEK.

Just because someone has “Made Millions” doesn’t mean they’ve made their millions in the past 10 years.

And if you hire someone on as a mentor who USED to make some money but doesn’t anymore…you’re going to spin your wheels and end up just as worthless as they are at the end of the day.

Even worse, some only made their money back in the day by exploiting loopholes in different algorithms that aren’t active anymore or using BlackHat tactics that were WAY on the illegal side that they ended up getting shut down on.

But guess what? That thing made them a few bucks while they were doing it and they’ve been bragging about it ever since, throwing their “I’ve made millions” hooks out there in the water for the next vulnerable newbie entrepreneur to bite on when they swim too close.

It happens more often than you’d think and it’s a BIG issue in the internet marketing space.

So please, verify that they’re making money CURRENTLY and follow the other two steps as well so you can wind up with mentors that are actually WORTH IT and not waste your time with any of the washed-up has-beens.

what qualities do you look for in a mentor

What Qualities Do You Look For In A Mentor?

Those 3 things are the FIRST 3 things I look for in a mentor, but there are other characteristics I like to look for as well.

For one, I want someone who’s humble about their results.

You find some people in the industry who think they’re God’s gift to the earth because they’ve made a few bucks and they aren’t afraid to tell EVERYONE about it.

You find others who are more low-key about their results and are happy they’re getting results at that level but are always chasing the NEXT level too and working on improving themselves.

These are the ones that will actually help you level up.

If they’re working on getting to the next level instead of just bragging about how great they are for being at the level they’re at, that also means they’re going to be INVESTING their money wisely.

That means they can teach YOU how to invest money too…not just make it and then end up blowing it later.

I’ve seen people make a few bucks and go get the Lambo only to have it repossessed a short while later because they didn’t invest that money into an ASSET that would then PAY for the Lambo.

And I’ve also seen the opposite, where someone launched something and made a bunch of money and threw 80% of that money into paying for an incredible team that helped them take their business to an all-new level.

Some “Mentors” say THEY don’t have mentors because they already know it all.

Some are spending $100,000+ a year to attend business-training and personal development events and getting into high-level masterminds so they can ALWAYS be improving.

Which one would YOU want to learn from?

how to ask someone to be your mentor

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Mentor

You already worked up the courage to ask that special someone to Prom in high school so don’t trip up when it comes to asking someone to become your mentor.

First of all, if you’re buying mentorship from someone you’re literally just filling out some kind of form and then handing them money after you get on the phone with them or their teammate and then you’re IN.

If you’re going with the TIME route…you simply start off the relationship by not asking them to be your mentor at all.

You share their posts. You like and comment on their posts. You send them free gifts that can help them out. Maybe you connect them with someone else you know that can help them with a problem they just posted about needing to solve.

At this point, the law of reciprocity kicks in and they feel like they owe you and maybe you ask them a question or two OCCASIONALLY without overdoing it.

The CRITICAL part is that after you get an answer from them…you need to go implement it IMMEDIATELY and show them PROOF that you implemented it so they don’t see you as just a black hole that’s always going to be asking them for advice but never executing on it.

Trust me, entrepreneurs HATE that (it’s a total waste of their time after all) so if you can show that you’re different and will actually take action…they’ll be more receptive to you.

Next, you find a project they post publicly about working on and ask them if there’s anything you can do to contribute to it and remind them of the skills you have and bring some ideas to the table about how you can make things better.

Usually, it flows from there and now you don’t just have a mentor…but potentially are even PARTNERED UP on a project and getting a cut of the revenue it produces.

It sure works better than just asking them to mentor you right out of the blue.

what are good questions to ask a mentor

What Are Good Questions To Ask A Mentor?

When you finally learn how to find a mentor…use the relationship you have with them WISELY.

Keep up a flow of continuously providing them with VALUE and you’ll be able to continuously ask them QUESTIONS that bring YOU value.

One of the first things you want to do as far as asking them questions is to layout your GOALS to them and the PLAN you have to get there.

Most of the time you’ll find your goals were centered around other people’s values and a good mentor will help you center them around your OWN.

And pretty much 100% of the time they’ll be able to poke enough holes in your plan to the point where you have to make a completely new one…but they can HAND YOU the new one in just a few minutes.

It was only recently that I asked my mentor if he thought I was on the right track with everything as far as executing my plan goes and he told me I was.

Before that, we were readjusting the path I was on like crazy to make sure I was following the right steps.

Another question you want to openly ask your mentor is asking them what you’re doing WRONG and how you can IMPROVE yourself.

That is…if you have the balls (or lady balls as my friend Jody would say) to ask.

Most people are TERRIFIED to take critique so if you can learn to not just take it but ENCOURAGE it…you’ll beat everyone at everything because you’ll be improving rapidly while they’re slowly withering away into oblivion.

My mentor used to talk about me behind my back a bit to my friends and they’d report back to me that he would say things like “Ben is the type that’s going to be making 7-figures a MONTH but only when he learns how to actually FOCUS!”

They’d report it back to me because they knew it would help.

As our relationship developed, he’d say that kind of stuff right to me because he knew I wasn’t emotional about it at all and I’d see it as a gift, not some kind of insult my ego would otherwise make it out to be.

If you’re willing to ask yourself the hard questions and look at the REALITY of your situation through the lens of your mentor’s guidance…you will get great results.

So don’t just use mentors to get plans for what you need to do to hit your goals.

Ask them to point out your personal flaws that have hurt you from achieving your goals so far.

Those kinds of questions are just as potent…if not more.