I see this time and time again. The entrepreneurs who know how to stay FOCUSED are the ones who are winning and KEEPING SUCCESS SIMPLE and the ones who don’t know HOW to focus are floundering all over the field with a hundred arrows in their backs wondering what the hell just happened.

Fortunately for those who know HOW to focus, it will be THE SKILL that’s in demand NOW and in the FUTURE because less and less people know how to do it. Here’s how to not be one of them

My mentor used to talk to my friends about me saying things like “Ben is so fucking smart but…he’s just trying to do like 16 different things at once. He could be at 7 figures a month but nooooooo he has to make it hard and try 16 things at once. He’ll understand one day.”

At the time I was looking through the lens of “Oh look at me! I’m running a fancy fancy DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIO! Average millionaire with their 7 streams of income and whatnot. La-de-da!”


Like TWO of those things were making REAL money and the rest were a distraction.

My mentor knew it.

I knew it deep down…but didn’t want to admit defeat!

When I finally GAVE IN (took a $10,000 per head personal development retreat to get me to finally SNAP) I surrendered to the fact that I was trying to do a million different things and I did the hardest thing for ANY entrepreneur to do:

I chose to focus on ONE thing.

(Ever read the book? It’s a trip.)

I dedicated 100% to my Bliss & Business brand, getting my product line and funnels dialed in and once I started focusing exclusively on that…my mentor showed me how to take it to a level I wasn’t even thinking about that would skyrocket my success DRASTICALLY!

“You have like $10,000 worth of digital products dude. You need a CALL FLOOR.”




That would take me to a completely new level in my success while also demanding my focus more than anything else ever had in my entire LIFE!

And what I noticed INSTANTLY:

If you can REALLY see just how much work is involved to not only get ONE brand off the ground…but keep it rocking and rolling for years on end…you’ll shudder at the fact that you EVER tried to run more than one thing.

The universe will give you TESTS to see just how focused you’ll BE when it comes to achieving your goals, and then when you pass the small tests she’ll quickly give you much BIGGER and SCARIER tests to see if you’re actually dedicated or not.

Those bigger and scarier tests have so much more responsibility…so much more “UNKNOWN” energy lingering about them that makes us uncomfortable…but those are the tests where if you look hard enough past all the fear…you’ll see how they can change your life FOREVER if you pass them.

But they require FOCUS!

Maybe a level of focus you haven’t been able to attain for yourself yet.

I just had a little while the other day where I was sitting in bed looking at the ceiling and tripping out (in a good way) because I realized how much I’d changed when it comes to my OWN focus.

I used to be the dude that was in like every MLM out there just because “OMG it’s sooooo hot right now!!!”

Recently, a GIANT opportunity was presented to me by one of the biggest leaders in the industry. A dude doing like 6-figures a DAY. He instantly offered me a 50/50 partnership to tackle the opportunity with him…


(I said no…if you were wondering how the story ended!)

So what CHANGED?

How did I go from being in every opportunity under the sun…

…to saying “Sorry Mr. 8-Figure earner…I can’t partner with you 50/50 on this extremely lucrative venture because I’ve gotta keep the main thing the main thing.”

The key for me was: SURRENDER.

I surrendered to focus.

You see…I’d listened to my mentor in all kinds of different areas…but not this one.

Not the “Get Focused!” one.

I was afraid.

Recently I learned that fear is more of a compass for us…and what we’re feeling fear towards is pretty much ALWAYS the same exact direction that the MAGIC is in.

So I felt fear towards focusing on ONE thing…a TON of fear.

Meaning my compass was trying to point me towards THAT more than ANYTHING.

And on top of that…you hear focus Focus FOCUS all the time from successful people.

My mentor was telling me to do it constantly.

There was that whole Warren Buffet and Bill Gates dinner or whatever where someone asked them one word responsible for all their success and they both wrote down FOCUS at the exact same time.

And if you REALLY look at the greats in the industry and just see what they’ve BUILT…you can tell that a CRAZY amount of focus went into it that the average marketer just doesn’t have.

And so I surrendered.

I made the main thing the main thing.

Bliss & Business, and producing the best products in the industry in their selective spaces.

And because I focused in on that, I now had my mentor throw me a bone and show me my next steps and how to put a sales floor together with the target to crush $1M THIS YEAR, which would be a first for me.

“You can break $1M this year if you focus on YOUR thing. But you ain’t gonna break it trying to focus on your thing and that other stuff out there. And you know that.”

His words he just spoke to me at a friend’s birthday party we were at after I told him I was considering turning down the deal the other big marketer guy had offered me, which I did as soon as I got back home.

So my question to YOU my friend…

…in all the skills you’re going to dedicate to learning over your business career…

…will FOCUS not be NUMBER ONE on the list?

Or did you magically find something that’s more IMPORTANT than focus…that your mind MADE UP so it can justify you spinning your wheels like you have been for longer than you care to admit?

Will this year be the year that you SURRENDER to focus in the same way we’ve all surrendered to things like “Okay successful people read books, dammit I’ll read books!”?

Or will you enter 2020 frazzled, with no BIG new results, just more of a shell of yourself than you were when you entered 2019?

Maybe THEN you’ll understand that focus was the BIGGIE you were missing?

Or will you fast-track all that and just get focused RIGHT NOW so you can slay the year and enter 2020 with an EMPIRE built like nothing you even knew you were capable of before?

Because you have a choice.

You ALWAYS have a choice.

That opportunity you just joined…why the hell weren’t you ALREADY so focused on something that you couldn’t say yes to something new?

That SECOND opportunity you added to the first…what…got bored with climbing to $100,000 per month in the current opportunity so wanted to add a second one on to make yourself feel better?

Oh you started to see the workload that’s involved with your current project so you “Peeked over the fence” and saw that “Things might be more fun OVER THERE!” when in fact “Over There” has a workload equally as large that just doesn’t LOOK as large because right now you’re looking at it like a bored husband looks at a potential mistress?

Plant your fucking roots my friend.

Most people haven’t planted ANY.

And then when they reach out to me about why they’re not succeeding, I can always see it A MILE AWAY why they’re not…and it usually boils down to them not being able to focus at all, or being focused totally on the wrong thing.

Don’t fall for the trap my friend.

In a world where nobodyyyyyyy is focused, you simply being focused above the average person will set you apart like nothing else and get you results the average person could only dream of.

You owe it to the marketplace to be focused.

And most importantly…you owe it to YOURSELF.

Let a future version of you look back on this day and THANK YOU for throwing out all the junk and dedicating to STAYING FOCUSED in a world where focus is now more in demand than ever.

It’s only the most important thing you could ever do 😉

P.S. If you’d like help not only GETTING focused but STAYING focused…one biggie to watch out for is the INTERNAL “Productivity Blocks” that are WITHIN us, holding us back…and to also watch out for the EXTERNAL “Productivity Blocks” that are AROUND us, holding us back.

There are over a dozen different things that can rip our focus away even if we have every intention to become the most focused person EVER…and if you can’t IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE these productivity blocks, you’re done before you even get started.

Luckily, I was able to overcome these myself through YEARS of hard work, doing it wrong, investing in mentors, putting countless hours into my craft and so much more…and I’ve boiled down EVERYTHING I know about eliminating these productivity blocks into ONE course called The Productivity Plan that I put together especially for YOU.

I’d say that after you’re finished going through it, you’ll be a completely different person, but the truth is…you’ll just be a much TRUER much more REAL version of YOURSELF. You’ll find your FOCUSED self…the one that just sets a goal and goes out there and makes it happen without any BS standing in the way. The version of you who will take your New Year’s resolutions and actually turn them into a REALITY that you live day to day.

But it STARTS with identifying and eliminating those productivity BLOCKS that have been holding you back for so long. Because you can conquer one or two of them COMPLETELY and find that the others are still pulling you back into the land of self-sabotage, where nothing grows and where you rip up any results that you’d started getting in the first place.

That’s not the life you deserve, and that’s not why you got into this game of business in the first place. So let’s lock arms, destroy the blocks that are holding you back and help you SKYROCKET into the most successful, most FOCUSED version of yourself that you’ve ever met…the version of you that can create some real MAGIC in your life. It’s all on the other side of this course, and once you’re in you’ll have access to these tools FOR LIFE so if you ever start to slip off the path…you know EXACTLY where to go to get right back on it.

The journey to everything you’ve ever desired is right in front of you my friend.

Won’t you take the first step?



The KEY though…is knowing that the THING still needs to get DONE!

Right now I’m typing this to you as someone else sets up ALL the furniture in my house for under $200. I didn’t hire him because I had something super urgent to do during this time (let’s be honest, I’m smoking weed and eating avocado toast with WAY too much avocado on it) BUT I realized…

…a little voice in my head appeared after I unpackaged all my furniture, looked at it, and went…


(Jimmy Fallon hanging out with Taylor Swift voice)

IMMEDIATELY my brain splits into two and begins arguing.

“Just set it up, you know you can do it.”

“Yea but that’s not the point. Leverage motherfucker.”

“Dude it’s 3 fucking pieces of furniture. Grab your balls and get it done.”

“Yea but I don’t DESIRE to do it. Ever think of THAT?”

“It doesn’t matter. It needs to get done and you CAN do it. So do it.”

“Uh…it needs to get DONE. That doesn’t mean I have to do it!!!”

“Okay fair point…so how do we get this shit done WITHOUT you doing it?”


“Oh duh…internet!”

“You done being a bitch?”

“Yes. Let’s internet this!!!”

And now you have more of a glimpse at how my brain operates…


…how it operates NOW at least.

It wasn’t always like that…

A younger version of me would have basically just done ALL the work myself (even though I didn’t TRULY desire to) and then I’d brag on social media about how much I “hustled” that day.

The other hustlers would hop on the post and praise me, seeing that hustle in themselves too and having me justify for them that “Doing MORE Work” is the way to get ahead.

Unfortunately, it’s not.

You see…there’s work out there that needs to get DONE for you to get results.

The misconception by 99% is that THEY have to be the one who does it.

How outrageous.

As if the King lays every brick in the wall that surrounds the kingdom.

You have to separate the “FEEL GOOD” feeling that comes from DOING THE WORK and the “FEEL GOOD” feeling that comes from GETTING THE RESULT.

Because if you mix THOSE two up…you’re in for a world of hurt…

…and it’s the kind of hurt where you wake up to make your New Year’s resolutions and basically realize these goals are the ones that have been eluding you for MULTIPLE years, not just the last one.

Slipping through your fingers like trying to hold an ocean of water…trying to hold a mountain of sand…

The results will ALWAYS elude you…


…you surrender.

SURRENDER to the fact that maybe there’s people out there who get MORE results than you but actually do LESS work than you.

SURRENDER to the fact that yes this thing or that thing needs to get DONE…but it doesn’t mean that YOU have to do it.

SURRENDER to the fact that YOU DON’T EVEN WANT TO DO THAT THING and someone ELSE out there WANTS to do it and they want to get PAID for it.

YOU would have done it in misery and not gotten paid a DIME for it.

It would have actually cost you thousands and thousands of dollars if you REALLY crunched how much time it was worth and then decided “Nah, that’s better spent putting together a DESK so I can save a few bucks”.

Will you do everything yourself and forever remain miserable?

Will you do the activity that actually costs you TONS of money instead of paying someone else a LITTLE bit of money to do it for you?

The WORK ALL DAY badge of honor is dead.

The HUSTLE GRIND GRIND HUSTLE badge of honor is dead.

The WORK > SLEEP badge of honor is dead.

You know what’s IN?

What has ALWAYS been in (low-key)?

And what will always BE IN?


And leverage in ALL areas of life, not just business.

Oh yes, there are entrepreneurs out there who will preach leverage to you and show you how they’re outsourcing things in their business…

…and then they spend 4 hours a month cleaning their own houses…

…and doing every “Chore” imaginable…

…and then feeling “VERY PRODUCTIVE” on the day where they setup the thing AND did the grocery shop themselves AND cooked all the food themselves AND cleaned everything up themselves etc. etc.

It’s a false flag.

It’s us feeling productive because our parents REWARDED us for doing chores as kids, with praise and money and all that shit, to the point where it’s wired itself in our brains that not doing the “Chore” ourself is BAD and DOING the “Chore” ourselves is GOOD.

And when we start playing entrepreneur…we bring it into BUSINESS.

And “Doing ALL The Work Yourself” becomes the new normal.

Instead of your parents praising you, your fellow entrepreneurs do.

The fellow hustle-grind-grind-hustlers who haven’t TRULY grasped leverage yet either.

And that’s why 97% of online businesses fail.

The 3% that succeed are the ones that understand LEVERAGE.

They understand that the work needs to get done, but they don’t have to be out there in the trenches doing 100 fucking percent of it all by themselves.

And you know who REALLY wins?

It’s the entrepreneurs who understand what they TRULY LOVE to do in business and in life…so they dedicate to doing THAT AND ONLY THAT…and delegating or eliminating the rest.

They’re the ones with the PASSIVE income streams everyone desires.

They’re the ones with the MULTIPLE income streams everyone desires.

They have the LEAST STRESS.

They TRAVEL THE MOST out of the entrepreneurs I see.

And of course they always have MORE MONEY than everyone I know.

Because they understand SYSTEMS that breed LEVERAGE.


BEFORE you have the right leverage systems, business is miserable.

You’re doing a TON of work for a LITTLE bit of money.

You see EVERYONE around you making money EASIER than you’re making it.

And while the sales flood down on them like an avalanche, you’re sitting and wondering how to get your next client that you pray isn’t as shitty as the LAST one was.

(Lots of businesses that NEED the next client NEED THE NEXT CLIENT are prime examples of businesses that have virtually NO systems and virtually NO leverage…watch out for them)

So what’s the solution?

Figuring out what you LOVE to do and saying FUCK THE REST!

And snubbing your nose at the GooRoos that will STILL try to tell you “Now sometimes you have to do things you hate to become successful.”




Do what you love and the money will follow…


(That’s where my woo-woo friends trip up and end the month with more crystals than dollars in their bank accounts).

For me…I know to a T what I love doing in business.

I love shooting videos.

I love writing.

I love building sales funnels including writing the copy.

Everything else can getttttttttt fuckeddddddd.

And that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to get DONE.

It just means that I’M not going to be the one who DOES it.

Customer loses their password or login details?

Only happens about…of fucking seven thousand times a week.

I used to STOP the writing I was doing and go give people logins.

Then I trained my team on how to do it for me.

I ALWAYS to play on all the social media networks and get leads from Instagram and Pinterest and LinkedIn and everywhere BESIDES where I was really active (Facebook & YouTube)…

…BUT I used to always TRY to play on all the social media networks BY MYSELF.

And so I got results with virtually NONE of them.


Software runs the LinkedIn 100%.

One teammate runs the Instagram.

One teammate runs the Pinterest.

Another teammate is editing the videos for me.

Another one is ranking them.

etc. etc.

People get scared when they hear I have MULTIPLE people working for me.

What they should REALLY be scared of is doing 100% of them fucking work THEMSELVES and devil-trading their time for it, WHICH THEY CAN NEVER GET BACK EVER!!!

I’m HAPPY to have multiple people working for me.


Because it means I get to cut a check for someone to do work HAPPILY since nobody was going to cut ME a check for doing the work MISERABLY.

I said from Day 1 I’d do things on my terms and setup a life and business where I could do whatever the fuck I wanted with nobody telling me what to do.

And to be honest…I strayed from that path for a longggggg time.

I got BACK on the path when I fully surrendered to SYSTEMS and LEVERAGE.

Knowing that I deserve to get the FRUIT of the harvest even if someone else was in the FIELDS for me doing all the work…because I GAVE the access to those fields to them and I GAVE them money for their work in the fields.

And so I get to focus on what I love to do and say “Fuck the rest”.

It’s a VERY beautiful spot to be in.

One I struggled for years and years to get to before I finally “Got it” and it clicked.

So…how do YOU do it?

How do YOU take control of your business and your life and start running both the way YOU truly desire to instead of just being the eternal burnt-out hamster on the wheel of death?


…while knowing that the work needs to get DONE…

…WHILE releasing the NEED to do it all yourself.

That’s one of the biggest remedies for success there is out there.

Do you even know what you LIKE to do in business?

Is it popping into your head as you read this or have you WRITTEN DOWN THE LIST?

And have you written the SHADOW LIST of what you HATE HATE HATE doing in business?

Because all my woo-woo friends ignore THAT one too and then get bent over by it later as they attract EVERYTHING into their lives, including that which they DON’T want at all.

So make the list of what you LOVE to do.

(In life AND business).

Then make the list of what you HATE to do.

(In life AND business).

Then you must ask yourself…

…how’s the balance?

Am I doing everything I hate and ignoring everything I love?

Am I doing both straight down the middle giving no special attention to the activities that really warm my soul and make me feel alive?

Am I doing ALL OF THE ABOVE so I can wear the grind-hustle-hustle-grind badge of honor because I secretly care more about people seeing me as a “Hard Worker” than me getting the result?


That’s a biggie 🙂

You must make the LISTS…

…and then you must SURRENDER TO THEM.

Not trying to change them.

Not trying to say “Well I will just keep doing this thing I really hate UNTIL…”


“Well, I’ll start doing those things I really love WHEN…”

Both recipes for absolute and total disaster.

Make your lists and you’ll have more clarity than most.

Then ask yourself what activities on there YOU AND ONLY YOU can do and DESIRE to do (for example, me shooting videos, me writing copy, etc. etc.)

And then categorize the activities that need to get DONE, but you’re not head over heels in love with them so you don’t desire to do them yourself.

Maybe it’s customer support tickets, responding to emails, doing nit-picky SEO steps, making images constantly for sites like Pinterest, Instagram etc. etc.

Whatever it is for you, it’s time to step into a new chapter of your life where you GIVE UP CONTROL and let someone else GO GET THAT RESULTS FOR YOU.

It’s truly a beautiful thing.

And the exercises in letting go are some of the most powerful we could ever partake in.

I myself find IMMENSE joy in waking up and seeing not even the money I made while I was sleeping, but seeing the LIST OF WORK that got accomplished while I was sleeping.

Because it meant that I was able to give up control when it was holding it back.

Because it meant I got to move forward faster than I could just move myself.

And because I got to pay someone to happily do that work FOR ME instead of getting $0 to do the work miserably by myself when I knew my soul wasn’t calling me to do it.

We only live this life ONCE my friend.

I’m certainly not trying to spend it in front of a computer.

I’m certainly not trying to spend it working all day for some false badge of honor.

And I’m certainly not trying to spend it doing ANYTHING except for what I absolutely LOVE to do, that which sets my soul on fire and burns bright enough for the whole world to see.

That’s the life I desire for you too my friend.

Know that you DESERVE it.

Know that you’re WORTH it.

And know that the life you DESIRE is totally within your reach…

…but there will be some (probably MANY) things you’ll have to give up to get there.

Let the need to “Do it all yourself” be the first.

P.S. If you want ACCESS to every outsourcing system I use and run with my internal team that allows me to get MOUNTAINS of income-producing work done WITHOUT me doing it all myself…

…reach out and we’ll have a conversation with getting you early access to my upcoming course OUTSOURCE HAVEN where I break down EVERYTHING I’m outsourcing in my business (and life) and showing YOU how to do it step by step so you can create a “Walk away from it and it’s still earning for me” business that everyone got INTO the industry to get from Day 1 that only a small percentage of people actually wind up with.

Let’s work together to make you one of them.

After all my friend…you deserve it.




You’ll get CLOSE. Maybe. But INSIDE…there’s a part of you who knows “All the times you fucked up and hurt other people in the past” and well…how would you ever allow THAT side of yourself to experience any major levels of success?

You don’t DESERVE success because of all the shit you’ve fucked up on in your past, or at least that’s what your subconscious is REALLY thinking…and it will never ever change UNLESS…

You realize you actually ARE enough.


A right to be in YOUR MARKETPLACE.

A right to experience MASSIVE SUCCESS.


You have a MAJOR part of yourself that is holding you back from it.

And you don’t even SEE that side of you consciously because CONSCIOUSLY: “DUH who wouldn’t want SUCCESS? OF COURSE I want success!”

Subconsciously though…every fiber of your being is keeping you away from it.

And a BIG part of that is because of your fuckups in the past.

The times you’ve lied to people.

The times you’ve hurt people either physically or mentally.

The times you felt low so you made others feel low too.

The times you’ve stolen…either physical possessions or time from somebody.

The times you’ve burst out in anger and hostility at the people who love you the most.

And let’s not forget all the times you SAID you were going to do the work but then you never actually did it and gave into sloth and gluttony instead.

How could THAT version of you EVER deserve success?

“But Ben…that’s not me anymore. I’m on the personal development path. I’m different now!”

Try telling that to your subconscious.


It is fulfilling the karma loop and working to PUNISH YOU for a million things you did wrong in the past and because it can’t specifically give you a million different punishments equal to everything you did…it’s just going to give you ONE punishment that dwarfs them all:

It’s going to hold you back from success.

It’s going to make success IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m sure you know by now the power of the compound effect and taking consistent action towards the results you desire, no?

Ever wonder why it’s so EASY to start and get that initial BURST of momentum (that you’re probably experiencing RIGHT NOW in the new year) but then you quickly go back to “Regular Mode” where nothing grows and no REAL success is ever attained?

It’s your subconscious PUNISHING you for your past.

It’s your subconscious saying “WAIT A MINUTE! You did all this fucked up shit in the past…and now you just want massive levels of success? Someone like you doesn’t DESERVE that success after all you did! So I’ll let you roll for a littleeeeeee bit so you don’t REALLY know what’s going on but then when you’re not looking…I’m going to cut off ALL your traction and ALL your momentum.”

And you know what that means:

You’re destined to fulfill the endless loop your entire life without end.

A purgatory of sorts.

Start doing the right things and getting a littleeeee success and then crash back down and start from scratch and start doing the right things to get a littleeeee success and then BOOM another crash.

Endless and endless and endless.

At least until you DIE of course.

We all have THAT to look forward to.

The REAL question my friend is:

In the time BEFORE that…don’t you want to spend it LIVING?

Don’t you want to spend it THRIVING?

Don’t you want to spend it fulfilling all your earthly desires and entering a state of permanent peace to the point where you’re GOOD and can now help lifting others up too?

Don’t you want to break out of the endless cycle?

So much of success starts with FORGIVENESS.

Not just forgiving other people who hurt you.

Anybody can do that.

But forgiving YOURSELF for all your fuckups in the past.

And knowing that just because you made mistakes and hurt others as well as yourself in the process…it doesn’t mean that you don’t DESERVE success.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not enough.

Because you ARE.

You ARE enough.

You’re MORE than enough.

No matter WHAT you did…you’re worthy of success…


…as long as you’re going to stay CONSISTENT on the path.

Most fall off.

More can’t stay on the path to success for more than a few days to be honest.

And it’s all because of this self-sabotage.

But those who have broken FREE from it…

…they started taking the dream life that’s in their head and turning it into a VIBRANT REALITY they live day to day.

It’s not just about reading the books and saying the affirmations and doing the work.

You need to dive deep and be HONEST about what you’re REFUSING TO FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR because THAT is the root of your self sabotage…THAT is the part of you that will hold you back from any REAL success with tricks you can’t even SEE.

And it’s not until you shine that light of awareness on those areas of your life, clear and transmute them, and TRANSCEND them that you’ll EVER step out of your funk and step INTO the most successful version of yourself you’ve ever experienced in your entire life.

Most will never do this in their lifetime.

It’s why the masses stay average.

It’s why 97%+ of businesses fail.

It’s why people have big hopes and fantastic dreams…but never seem to call them forward into their reality.

Because a part of their own selves made the decision that they’re not ENOUGH and they don’t DESERVE these goals because of the PAIN they’ve caused themselves and OTHERS in the past…so it builds a wall in between them and success that they have no idea how to climb over.

They don’t even know the wall is THERE.

But YOU my friend…you can dissolve that wall in an instant.

When you shine awareness on these areas…the wall begins to weaken.

When you forgive yourself for the pain you’ve caused…the wall begins to break.

And when you stay CONSISTENT with these two things…you’ll soon look up and find the wall crumbled down to ash at your feet, never to be rebuilt again.

And that’s when you can step over it and into the other side…the side where success lives…the side where you can exhale all your stress realizing you ARE enough and ARE deserving of success and now you’re finally the version of yourself capable of going out there and making it happen.

That’s what I wish for you my friend.

And hopefully that’s what you wish for yourself.

Let this year be the year you shine the light on the areas of your past that you’ve covered up for so long so you can step into the version of yourself capable of making ANYTHING happen that your pretty little heart desires.

After all, there IS a version of you that deserves it.


P.S. I go IN DEPTH on all of this inside my course The Productivity Plan where we crack into all the different ways you’re self-sabotaging yourself from the INSIDE and all the ways your environment is sabotaging you from the OUTSIDE. The combination of the two holds most back from ever getting what they TRULY desire in life…but if you learn to conquer those “Productivity BLOCKS” as I like to call them…you can bring any results into your life that you want.

Unfortunately, there’s more productivity blocks than just THIS ONE that I mentioned in this post, but this one is the first BIG ONE to deal with so it’s what we conquer first in the course. But quickly after we get into the other 11 productivity blocks that have been holding you back for years and we work together to crush them one by one so you can end self-sabotage FOR GOOD and start living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

So if you’re SERIOUS about going through this process and leaving the self-sabotage behind to make way for the most successful version of yourself you’ve ever met…do yourself a favor and CLICK THE BANNER BELOW if you are ready for The Productivity Plan, and I’ll get you inside there INSTANTLY. Cheers to your best year ever my friend. You ARE enough. And you DO deserve it…whether the current version of your subconscious thinks you do or not 😉



The TRUTH? You made that post about how “This is YOUR year!” because you’re STILL more addicted to the dopamine spike that comes with telling people you’re GOING to do the work than the dopamine spike that comes with DOING THE WORK ITSELF.

You’re living in a land where it’s impossible to GROW anything, but you’ll continue to roll up your sleeves and play farmer, shouting from the rooftops that you’re THINKING about planting seeds this year WHEN THE TRUTH IS

You probably won’t do anything more than you did last year…


…you know how to ACTUALLY play farmer and tear up your problems from the ROOTS that are embedded so deep in the ground you can’t even imagine pulling them free at all.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs will enter 2020 DEVASTATED, making the same “New Year Resolutions” they set for 2019 and 2018 and 2017 etc. etc.

But why?

WHY is it so hard for entrepreneurs to change?

Why do 97%+ of businesses FAIL?

Why do the majority of business owners who are great people with great ideas STRUGGLE to even pay bills, letalone hit the income levels they see the GREATS in the industry hitting?

The truth is…

…they’re just caught in a period of their life right now where:


It’s the most dangerous place to be in ever.

And chances are…you LIVE THERE and if you’re honest with yourself…

…you’ve been living there for a VERY LONG TIME.


At least…not ENTIRELY.

The “Grind-Hustle-Hustle-Grind” entrepreneurs are the ones mostly responsible for plaguing our industry with making you think everything is a struggle and business & life are a war you have to wake up and gun up and fight against every day.

Ever heard of HARD work?

Do you PRIDE yourself on your HARD work?

PRIDE yourself on making everything HARD?

Because then you’re the hero of the story.

You’ve slayed your dragon!

You did it! You saved yourself!

Truth is…if I dig down DEEP enough…I used to LOVE being broke.

Used to LOVE struggling.

Used to LOVE the endless pain that came with an entrepreneurial journey where you don’t even know if you’re on the right path or not.

You know WHY I used to love the pain and why you CURRENTLY love the pain?

Because it’s the classic UNDERDOG STORY!

We make OURSELVES the underdog…

…by fucking up our situation and self-sabotaging…

…then we figure shit out AT THE LAST MINUTE and “Save The Day”…

…and then instead of just BUILDING FROM THERE…


…so we can LIVE THE UNDERDOG STORY once more.

Trippy, right?

I remember I used to be barely making any money and then at the end of the month bills Bills BILLS and ALL OF THE SUDDEN…

…I’d launch some little fly-by-night marketing campaign and make justtttttt enough money to cover everything so I could get by to the next month.

I was good.

And I was HAPPY that I could do this!

Let’s be honest…it’s good to know how to tap a few keys and make a Facebook post and pull in thousands of dollars that could bail me out of a bad situation.

I was STOKED that I now had this skill!

The “Save Myself” skill!

So…I kept putting myself in situations where I needed to SAVE MYSELF again and again so I could use my skill, sharpen my skill and make that skill a part of my life.

After all…that’s what we do with skills…

– We use them

– We sharpen them

– We make them a part of our everyday lives

But what if it’s a skill like THAT one?

A skill where I’m bailing myself out of trouble, and then just unconsciously putting myself BACK INTO TROUBLE AGAIN so I could live my “Underdog Story” on loop like every day is groundhog day?


What’s even MORE dangerous, is that most entrepreneurs don’t even have the “Save Themselves” skill.

Most entrepreneurs have the “Compile Information” skill.

They are good at buying every course out there.

They are good at knowing what EVERY guru in the industry is up to.

They are good at doing some pointless Google Hangout seventy times a week with their fellow entrepreneurs who are no better off than they are.

And they are good at attending the webinars and taking alllllllll the notes…

…but guess what?

They’re not good at EXECUTION.

Because they’re COMFORTABLE with their new skill of “Taking In Proper Knowledge”.

“Yea I used to be a piece of shit before, but now I’m into personal development! I know how to study from millionaires! I used to not be able to do this! I even say my affirmations!”

It gives them a high…a dopamine rush of sorts.


And it technically IS a skill…it’s being resourceful in a sense of the word…being able to find the right information and take notes on it and all that jazz.

But has THAT alone EVER gotten ANYBODY ANYWHERE?

The answer is a resounding NO!

They can’t take action because they’re TERRIFIED of what the “Next Level THEM” actually looks like once the action is consistently executed and the results are IN TO STAY.


Because they KNOW they’ve heard the successful say things like:

“It’s not all about LEARNING! It’s about EXECUTION!!!”


They used to NOT learn anything good or worthwhile that would benefit their lives…


They know how to buy the beneficial courses and attend the beneficial webinars and watch the beneficial YouTube videos.

They learned how to find sacred information they never knew existed before.


“That skill you have? Or finding the TOP INFORMATION in the world? Yea stop doing that and just go execute on a SLIVER of the information you already know and you’ll WIN!”

Hard to hear for most.

IMPOSSIBLE to execute for MANY.

Because their IDENTITY is there.

Their IDENTITY is wrapped around “The Entrepreneur Who’s Still Learning”

They have HOPE there.

“I’m going to make it someday”.

When the truth is…the version of themselves who EXECUTED wouldn’t NEED the identity of the underdog and wouldn’t NEED the hope because they’d just live in a constant state of success.

Sure that state would have bumps in the roads and hits you take, but in general the quality of business and life is just always going up up up if you’re on that road.

It’s the road most entrepreneurs will never walk.

Because they LOVE their identity of the “Entrepreneur Who’s COMING UP!”

The “THIS IS MY YEAR!” entrepreneur!

The “I’m missing the SECRET info so if I just buy this oneeeeee more thing I’ll have it! I’ll have uncovered the secret like a digital Indiana Jones!!!” entrepreneur.

You can spot them from a mile away.

Go on their Facebook profiles and look at the posts where they could have written something of value that they created THEMSELVES that would DIRECTLY translate into money…

…and instead see them recirculating cutesy personal development videos from famous successful people.

Tell them EXACTLY what to do and they’ll get high as fuck off the fact that they now have a MAP to follow…but they LOVE being the entrepreneur who’s starting from Point A and has to go alllllllll the way to the X on the map to “Get The Treasure”.

They love being ON the hunt instead of actually returning to camp with the meat in hand.

They could make it EASY…but being on the hunt is HARD…so they have to make it HARD.

Their identity as someone who’s successful would realize it’s EASIER to execute consistently and get results consistently…but they haven’t SURRENDERED to that identity yet.

They’re still playing in the identity of “Information Gatherer” “Hustler” “Grinder” “On My Way To The Top” “Underdog” and all the other identities that hold the vast majority of this industry back from ever achieving any REAL levels of success they desire.

To achieve the success they’re REALLY after…they’d have to kill off an entire identity they’re owning…and it’s one of the hardest things to let go of if you don’t know the way.

I’ve had to kill the “Starving Artist” part of myself I loved.

I had to kill the “Underdog Entrepreneur Who’s Abouttttttt To Make It” part of myself I loved.

I’ve had to kill the “Endless Information Gatherer” part of myself I loved.

And I’ve had to kill the “Grind-Hustle-Hustle-Grind” part of myself I loved.

All to make room for the version of myself who SURRENDERED to success and learned to ALLOW it to permeate my life by actually taking on the identity of the SUCCESSFUL version of myself who actually executed consistently on what I needed to execute on.

That was when everything changed for me.

But I had to KILL FOUR VERSIONS OF MYSELF to get there.

To make way for the fifth: the one who actually attains the desires I first see in my mind’s eye.

It wasn’t easy.

But the AWARENESS of these different versions of myself I was living gave me an insight into why I was making everything so hard when in reality…everything is so so easy.

SO much easier than we think.

Something that’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for the person who’s “Making Everything Hard” to even hear because…I remember when people would tell ME things were actually easy but it would fall on deaf ears.

I NEEDED things to be hard.

I NEEDED to be the entrepreneur who was “ABOUT TO MAKE IT” because that was all I KNEW!

I NEEDED to be the “STARVING ARTIST” because that was cool and edgy and set me apart from the crowd.

I NEEDED to be the “UNDERDOG WHO ALWAYS SAVES HIMSELF” because then I could prove my skills to myself AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

And I NEEDED to have a business that was “SICK” because whenever I was sick as a child…I got insane amounts of unconditional love in my direction from my parents.

You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes on the identities you’ve formed for yourself.

But it’s those very identities that are holding you back and sabotaging any chance of you reaching any REAL level of success you’re after.

You’re probably also clinging onto an identity where you don’t really even KNOW what you desire 100% yet because the version of you who KNOWS will be able to SEE THE MASSIVE GAP in between where you are…and where you desire to be.

So…the question running through your mind at a million miles an hour right now is:


And the reality is…it’s not an answer I can just type into a Facebook post here and you’re “Set For Life”.

It’s a constant process of RECOGNIZING what identities we’re forming around ourselves and then knowing the step-by-step process to break those identities down to make way for the new, empowering ones.

It’s about KNOWING how to STAY THE PATH and continue moving towards the NEW TRUE identities when the old ones do everything in their power and employ tricks you don’t even know you’re susceptible to in order to PULL YOU BACK.

And it’s about KNOWING how to not only step into the shoes of the version of yourself with that identity…but knowing how to LIVE THERE and not just drift back to how everything “Used to be” since that will initially be more comfortable for you.

Because this is a lot to cover, I put together SEVERAL modules in my course The Productivity Plan that cover this IN DEPTH so you always have something to refer back to time and time again whenever you need to catch yourself playing out one of these negative identities and quickly shift into the version of you LIVING in the POSITIVE ones.

If I hadn’t learned this material…I’d still be a mess.

I’d be a combination of a starving artist who just endlessly gathers information, tears my life down every month so I can build it right back up at the end and spins my wheels while hustle-grind-grind-hustling my face off to the point where I’m giving up EVERYTHING in my life to get the business results…while they slipped through my fingers like trying to hold water.

I’d be nowhere.

And now that I’m on my path…where I desire to be and just GROWING and SCALING everything from here vs. trying to REBUILD everything…I looked out at the marketplace and saw just how many entrepreneurs were OWNED by their negative FALSE identities, SLAVES to these identities, and I knew I had to help others break free like my mentors have helped ME break free.

That’s why I put the course together.

That’s why I don’t just say “Oh to be productive you just color code your post-it notes and clean your desk!”

We dig to the ROOTS.

We pull them UP.

And we create the SPACE for you to actually enter into that successful version of yourself that you’ve been DYING to step into for more years than you even consciously know.

So my question to you my friend:

Will you live this year and many years in the future through the lens of an identity that doesn’t serve you, and actually pulls you BACKWARDS?

Or will you take a deep sigh, know you’re worth it, push your shoulders back a little and COMMIT to becoming AWARE of these false identities and burning their houses to the fucking GROUND so that you can live the phoenix story and emerge from the flames as the TRUEST MOST POWERFUL version of yourself that actually makes your goals HAPPEN?

I know which side of the fence I’ll be on.

And I know which side of the fence my members from The Productivity Plan will be on.

The doors are open my friend…and I’m so excited to see who you become when you peel away the BS and step into the REAL YOU who’s not just READY for success…but lives success every day like it’s the norm at levels that would blow the previous version of yourself away.

Not “New Year New You”.

New Year REAL You.

Let’s get to work.



You hear it all the time…

“The past doesn’t exist”

“Don’t even think about it”

“Only focus on the now…”

“…and the future! Yes, the future!”


If that’s WORKING for you then by all means keep chugging along…

But if not, well…

Maybe it’s time to change something.

Something simple…

Something that doesn’t require back-breaking work or a 500 day seminar to make the actual change happen.

Perhaps something like…

A little daily gratitude?

I know you’ve heard of THAT one before too.

But in this case…let’s be SPECIFIC.

Gratitude about what you’ve created.

What you’ve ALREADY created.

Not what you’re creating NOW…

Not what you’ll create in the FUTURE…

But what you’ve created in the PAST!

See…here’s the deal…

There will ALWAYS be more to create.

And because of that sometimes we can get a little (or a LOT) overwhelmed, right?


Running a race would be easier if you had references in your brain that you’d won that race before.

Do you agree with me there?

If you’ve won 100 races, race 101 is just going to be another race that you win…naturally.



You have GREAT THINGS that you’ve done in your life EVEN IF you’re about to try to argue with me on that one.

There are creations that YOU brought about…

People you’ve HELPED…

Projects you’ve FINISHED…

Which means you have a TRACK RECORD of projects you’ve finished…that is if you take the time to be conscious of what they were.

So…if the CURRENT project you’re working on is going to help you level up…

…hit those new financial goals…

…get that time-freedom you’ve been seeking…

…build that business you’ve always wanted…

…but it seems like you have an OVERWHELMING amount of work to do to get from A to B…

…THIS is where we remember the times in the past where we HAVE gone from A to B.

And my friend…

…if you go deep on these…

…you have a LOT of them.

A LOT more than you would think.

I can’t tell you what yours are…

…but what I CAN tell you…is that if you regularly think about your WINS, it gets easier to WIN.

LIVE in that state of winning…


…of COMPLETING what you started creating…

…and of unleashing that energy to the world.

And along the way…don’t forget your wins.

Because they’ll act as fuel for MORE wins.



Look…I get it. You have “problems”. We all do. But it’s when we give those “problems” POWER and see them as bigger than OURSELVES that they actually start negatively manifesting some not-so-cool shit in our lives.

The better way to deal with “problems”? Smoke em. Get rid of them fucking AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and then change your BELIEFS and your HABITUAL ROUTINES so that the “problem” never surfaces again.

I’ll tell you how to in a second.

But before that I’ll tell you what it’s costing you:

Ready for it?


The money you want to earn.

The trips you want to go on.

The bank balances you want to look at.

The relationships you want in your life.

The material possessions…

…and the intangible abundant energetic state that you can LIVE IN and CREATE FROM and LOVE FULLY FROM.

You don’t get ANY of that if you don’t figure out how to deal with your “problems”.

So…here’s how we deal with them!


The word “problem” has a RIDICULOUS amount of negative energy attached to it that rolls millennia deep.

Bad juju.

Call them projects instead.

Many great projects have been accomplished.

Whatever you have to do is the next one.


Get to the BELIEFS you have that are causing those “problems” to appear in your life, maybe appear all the fucking time even though you’ve tried to get them to go away in the past.

Eating shitty food every day doesn’t mean you have the wrong diet program.

It means you have the wrong BELIEF STRUCTURE.

Don’t believe that you CAN be fit, DESERVE to be lean, are WORTHY of creating massive MASSIVE WEALTH?

You’ve gotta fix that part right there first before you get into mechanics.


Every project has an end goal and a series of action steps you can take to make that end goal happen.

Take emotions off the table for a second…

…and zoom out to see what all those actions steps ARE, the POSITIVE side that they lead TO and then how you can start taking those action steps right NOW to move the project forward…

…and design a life greater than you ever thought possible 😉