Bliss & Business Donates A Percentage Of EVERY SALE We Make To KIVA To Provide A Loan For An Entrepreneur In Need. Ready To Lend A Hand?

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Amount Of Money Loaned Out

Entrepreneur's Countries Supported

What’s KIVA? A Micro-Lending Company Empowering Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Bliss & Business Has Partnered Up With KIVA To Help Give Loans To Entrepreneurs On Every Corner Of The World!

Our Next Targets We Can Hit With YOUR Help:

  • Micro-Lend $5,000 To Entrepreneurs Through Kiva 22.5% 22.5%
  • Make Loans In All 77 Countries Currently Supported By Kiva 20.7% 20.7%
  • Charity Water Project #1: Clean Water For 100 People ($3,000) 3% 3%

Areas We’ve Been Able To Contribute To