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Look…you’re either one of two people: the person who gets DISTRACTED by Facebook or the person who CASHES IN with Faceook. Obviously…I recommend being the latter. (Trust me…I spent a long enough time being the former). MUCH better on THIS side of the fence 🙂

I’d even argue that your success this year directly correlates to whether you get USED by Facebook or whether YOU USE IT as a tool to take your business to all new heights. Wondering how to do that? Read this post

I started my Facebook profile just like you did. I was at ZERO. Then I added all my friends from high school since that was when I made it and it was fun and all but it became an ENORMOUS distraction and I TOTALLY got addicted to the Facebook dopamine spikes, like you probably are right now.

After that…it was just kind of something that was THERE and TAKING AWAY from the quality of my life instead of adding to it.

That was…until I started connecting with ENTREPRENEURS.

When I started meeting ENTREPRENEURS on Facebook…everything changed.

Now don’t get me wrong…that wasn’t the “Magic Pill” and I still would get VERY distracted on Facebook even being connected to the world’s best…but it pivoted what Facebook WAS for me.

Facebook became a TOOL all of the sudden.

I was connecting with the right people.

I was meeting other entrepreneurs at my level I could share ideas with.

I was meeting MILLIONAIRES that were super friendly and started mentoring me.

And I started meeting entrepreneurs who weren’t as far along the path as me that were suddenly looking up to me for advice, which was one of the coolest parts of all.

The only problem was…I kind of got STUCK.

I had a small little network and I didn’t really know how to make money with it.

Fast forward to now…here’s what my Facebook profile looks like:

1. I have a rolodex of millionaires I can message whenever I want and know I’ll get a same-day response on whatever question I ask them. Think about just the power of THAT ALONE for a second.

2. I’ve met connections on Facebook where we’ve ended up doing business together where all of the sudden I’m getting into 5-figure events for free and getting $10,000+ checks over and over and over.

3. I’ve met connections on Facebook that have put me on stage.

4. I’ve met endless customers on Facebook who were stoked to buy from me. Sometimes I’d have a post that looked like it “Failed” to the outside world where it would only get 2 likes or something but then it would bring in like $3,000+ worth of business (so I obviously consider that a WIN).

5. I made a post one time that did $10,000+ in a single day.

6. I know how to click my fingers on a keyboard and make a healthy 6-figure income without the need to ever even THINK about having a J-O-B or a boss or anything like that ever again.

7. I meet INCREDIBLE entrepreneurs I form all kinds of lucrative partnerships with that are profitable for both of us where I learn SO MUCH just from being connected to them.

8. I’m no Frank Kern but I’ve been able to use a simple Facebook profile to make a name for myself in the industry and put more eyes on myself and my brand.

9. I’ve gotten TONS of testimonials from people who have not only BOUGHT from me on Facebook, but turned around to IMPLEMENT what I teach and then showed me they’d outrank everyone on YouTube or make $13,000 or buy their dream car with my strategies or all kinds of crazy things.

10. I’ve been able to get my formula down to a SCIENCE that I can just repeat day-in and day-out that I know will bring in profits consistently without me really having to think about it or doing any back-breaking work that could even remotely be considered “Hard”.

Now of course…there’s always better results I can get and I can always do better.

But I’d consider this a pretty damn good start.

ESPECIALLY since my Facebook started out just like YOURS started out…at ZERO.

The DIFFERENCE is…I slaved and slaved and slaved to FIGURE IT ALL OUT and learn how to turn my Facebook profile into an ASSET instead of something that was actually chipping away at the quality of my life without me even being able to SEE what was happening.

It took my quite some time to be honest.

Lots of trial and error.

Lots of wasted time. Wasted money. Buying bad courses on the subject that would literally tell you stuff like how to post fake money screenshots so you can “Fake it till’ you make it”.

And so…I didn’t know who to turn to for help.

FORTUNATELY…I started one by one finding people who were doing BIG THINGS with just their personal Facebook profiles and actually giving out GOOD ADVICE.

So I followed them, and the rest is history.

Now this was COOL and all…but the thing was that I got my advice from LOTS of different sources. Like A LOT of them.

Some good advice over here. Some good advice over there.

But I had to kind of puzzle-piece it all together to get the “Full Picture”.

And when I GOT the full picture and it started working for ME…and I had the process DOWN PAT where I could just rock and roll on it consistently…that’s when I made myself a promise.

I said I’d help other people do the same thing I did…

…just without having to try to figure it all out from a million different sources.

And that’s why I put together my course Social Selling Blueprint.

I’d made a course on how I was rocking and rolling with free YouTube ranking strategies before, and my audience loved it.

And it took me a while to have my Homer Simpson moment and go “DOH! I have been making even MORE money on FACEBOOK than I have on YouTube but I don’t have a Facebook course yet! WTF Ben???”

And so…I made one 🙂

I found that the majority of people I knew who were rocking and rolling with Facebook strategies were crushing it with PAID ADS and I saw a HUGE GAP in between their success and the success of the average marketer with a Facebook profile.


The people who were succeeding didn’t just know how to setup their ads on the techy side with the right targeting and all that jazz.


And the AVERAGE marketer on Facebook…they don’t have this down by a hundred miles.

Literally EVERY TIME I see someone who’s struggling…I can go to their Facebook profile and know that I’ll just see a mess of whatever-the-fuck they decided to re-post that day from their favorite cutesy inspirational Facebook videos that got their attention for .02 seconds.

Meanwhile when I take on a client who’s already achieving massive success, I go over to their Facebook profile and already know what I’m going to find: WATERFALLS of valuable content that all perfectly leads back to a call-to-action.

Every time.

Without fail.

Literally never NOT seen it that way.

Yet the person who doesn’t even know how to create content that is VALUABLE or that SELLS is treading water frantically, JUST avoiding drowning because they have gotten sold on the lie that they need to know alllllllll the latest and greatest strategies to succeed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

They’re doing the equivalent of trying to figure out what the roof of the skyscraper needs to look like when they haven’t even poured a FOUNDATION for it first.

And I always shake my head because IF ONLY THEY KNEW!!!

If only they knew how EASY it was to click some keys and pull in a full-time income with a Facebook profile.

I practically WEEP inside when I see some full-grown adult tell me they still have a JOB and then I see they have a FACEBOOK PROFILE (that’s being misused) and my heart goes “WHYYYYYY? Why do you have BOTH of those things???”

I get confused.

But then I REMEMBER!

I was there too.

I had a Facebook profile too when I was sweeping floors at a cafe.

I just wasn’t USING it correctly.

And so that’s why I made my course.

And why I made it my MISSION to help entrepreneurs be able to overcome all their money challenges with JUST a Facebook profile before they even NEED to get into all the complex marketing strategies out there everyone runs towards before they get the FOUNDATIONS down.

And that’s why I want to get YOU rocking and rolling with my course, right here, right now, TODAY…so that you can start seeing new results come in on your Facebook profile within 24 hours whether that means growing your audience, pulling in leads, starting to make sales, connecting with millionaires…ANY of it…hell, ALL of it.

It’s MUCH easier than you think it’s going to be.

But it’s ONLY easy if you have a PROCESS to follow.

I was floundering for FOREVER without a process.

Not that I have one…I can simply hand it off to other action takers in the form of my course and know they’ll not only IMPLEMENT it…but actually CRUSH it.

I was just at an event and my new friend Arjan came stopped me as I was walking by and said that he had made over 5-figures with my strategies and used it to help buy his dream car.


But he had ACCESS to my course!


And he got RESULTS!

The same kind of results YOU can get if you follow the same FORMULA.

This course (Social Selling Blueprint) does a lot more than just scratch the surface of how to make money on your Facebook:

– I show you how to SETUP your Facebook profile piece by piece and brand yourself like a PRO so that when people SEE your profile they STOP and PAY ATTENTION and then BUY from you

– I show you how to get over your “Writer’s Block” and ENDLESSLY create valuable content off the top of your head to the point where you’ll go from “Not knowing how to create good content at all” to “OMG I don’t have enough LIFE to create all the content that’s in my head!”

– I’ll show you how to effortlessly weave that content back into whatever you’re selling so you can make TONS of sales on Facebook without having to come across as “Salesy” even ONCE

– I’ll show you how to connect with MILLIONAIRES on Facebook so you can build a rolodex of powerful mentors who can fast-track your success more than anything else

– And I’ll show you how to build out your CUSTOMER BASE with THOUSANDS of qualified prospects finding YOU and messaging you asking how they can buy from you RIGHT NOW

And that’s just SOME of the course 😉

Trust me…it’s jam packed with awesomeness.

And I could get into a whole sales page here about every little module and everything that’s included…but let’s be honest…that’s what the sales PAGE is for 😉

So the QUESTION to ask yourself my friend, is:

“Will this year just be another year where I have a Facebook profile that I don’t really get any results with and actually spend a few hours a day on it wasting time?”


“Will this year be the year where I TAKE CONTROL of my Facebook profile instead of letting it take control of ME…and will I use it as a tool to grow my business to heights greater than I’ve ever seen before?”

Those are the two questions you can ask my friend.

If you choose to ask the RIGHT question…the LATTER question…Social Selling Blueprint is a course you’ll want to put in your arsenal and IMPLEMENT DAILY to maximize the results you’re getting so you can get them in a shorter period of time than ever before.

The world DESERVES to get powerful content from you…and you DESERVE to be able to use Facebook as a tool to GROW your business instead of DISTRACT yourself from any chance of ever receiving results.

Facebook is just a tool.

It all depends on how you use it.

And if you need help using it wisely, grab yourself a copy of Social Selling Blueprint, implement ruthlessly and never look back…because even after just a LITTLE bit of action taking CONSISTENTLY with my methods…you’ll look up one day and be in a COMPLETELY different place than you were before starting the process.

So…when is a good time to get started?

Because NOW always works for me 😉

See you inside there my friend.

Cheers to your success.

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