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There Are 10 Steps To Build A YouTube Channel That Makes Money. You Can Do Them Yourself OR We Can Do Them FOR YOU So Your Results Can Come In Even Quicker



We’ll set you up with a professional cover photo that makes you look like the pro you are and also lets people know what your brand is all about. We’ll include a clickable button on it to drive traffic to your funnel or website to generate more leads & sales.


Instead of worrying about the nit-picky setup, we’ll go in and fully SEO optimize your channel and fill out the settings properly so you’re setup to rank. Let us handle all of the techy settings for you so you get right to the “making money” part.


We can use a photo of you or your brand logo, depending on what you prefer, to create the profile picture for your channel. This will be let people get a deeper look at you and your brand so they can relate to you better and become customers quicker.


Make a GREAT first impression on your viewers by greeting them with a channel layout that will not only make them fall in love with your channel INSTANTLY, but also be able to see the different sections of your channel to consume more content FASTER.


Your channel can best be broken down into 10 main playlists that group your content in a way that makes it easier for your viewers to watch more of it. Also, PLAYLISTS can rank in the search engines, meaning we can take up more than one spot on the page.


You’ll want to know the best keywords to target so you can get the best results the FASTEST. By ensuring you have a list of solid keywords to go after, you’ll be able to make videos that convert viewers into paid customers quicker than you ever thought.


Your videos will never make money if they don’t get any clicks. By having an attention grabbing thumbnail design on your video, you’ll be able to ensure that it gets MANY more clicks, which means you’ll be able to turn many more viewers into customers.


During the last 20 seconds of your video you have the option to display an end card, which is a still graphic that pops up and displays videos, subscribe buttons and links over it. This turns viewers into subscribers and gets them to watch WAY more videos. 


Verifying your channel and OFFICIALLY syncing it up with YouTube and Google will ensure that it’s not only setup to last, but that it’s setup to be SAFE. This is critical so that you know your channel will be around to earn money for you for years to come.


We’ll setup a custom link for you to share with your audience that they can click to INSTANTLY be subscribed to your YouTube channel. Instead of sending them to your channel and hoping they find where to subscribe, they’ll be sent to your channel with a popup box to get the subscription.

You’ll Get A FULL YouTube Channel Setup You Can Start Using IMMEDIATELY To Start Generating Targeted Traffic, Leads & Sales

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